So…You Think You’re Beautiful?


There have been a few stories as of late involving so called ‘beautiful women’ (i.e. those who are esthetically pleasing to the eye according to societal  trends and beliefs) that are behaving…now how shall I put this?  Well, quite frankly their behavior has been appalling.

Such was the case recently of one Britt McHenry who apparently works for ESPN who had her vehicle towed and launched a personal attack on the female employee who was collecting the fine that had been administered.

Oh, I know it’s aggravating to have your car towed.  Take a moment to consider your responsibility in this.  I had to run into the Safeway store last night.  Ten minutes tops I was gone.  I didn’t want to have to plug the meter $2.00 for one hour of parking.  I came back out and had a ticket.  I will fight it but still I’m not going to freak out at the clerk.  I made a choice.

Selfie 1

We see this happen far too often where a woman is put down because of her appearance.  I find it even sadder when another woman is doling out the insults.

I hope that someday Britt (a.k.a. Barbie) McHenry will find out what beauty really is, as all the cosmetic surgery in the world won’t enlighten her to its true meaning.

Over the last twenty years or so a rather odd and rather narrow definition of what a beautiful woman is, physically speaking, has in emerged in North America.

I still find the idea of size zero to be rather telling and it is my opinion that technology has certainly played a role in our demise.

An online article caught my attention recently.  A female artist created the ‘selfie arm’.  It was a direct jab at this sub-culture that has melted into this narcissistic mindset.  The ‘selfie arm’ looks like someone has their arm  around you and they are taking the photo of you.

Why then this obsession with what we look like at any given time the need to record it?

Selfie 4

Hell, I really don’t change all that much between bathroom breaks and there are far more interesting things that I would like to photograph. Sure, when I went to the Fleetwood Mac concert recently I took a photo of my daughter and I.  We were at an event though and seeing our happy faces is reminder of what an awesome concert it was.  The other thing too, is that I didn’t post this photograph.  It’s for my personal enjoyment.

And there really is much more to me than what I look like.

I am reminded of a writing workshop I took last year.  One of the attendees was older woman who looked like anyone’s dear grandmother.  She was a sweet dear.

Elderly 1

When she shared what she wrote that day I would never have guessed that back in the 1960’s she was one of two white women at the Apollo Theatre taking in a James Brown concert.  It was a beautiful heartfelt piece that reflected her love of music, particularly that genre.  I love chatting with people from all walks of life.  The more I do this, the more I see how it is that we are all connected.

I’ve been told I was pretty in my youth.  I never saw it, didn’t want it and considered it a liability.  I wanted to be swallowed by the walls that surrounded me and disappear.  But I had this body and these boobs and this blonde hair…and was for time I was very awkward with these accruements.  I curled up not letting anyone in.  I can assure you it was a lonely place to be.

sad mouse 1

Still I was fortunate enough to meet people who encouraged me to change my way of thinking and it was with their love and friendship that I grew to be the woman I am today.

I love who I am becoming and I can assure that there is not a camera around that could capture the image of who I truly am.  So remember that the façade we see mirrored each day is only one aspect to who we truly are.

And while you might look good your true beauty is reflected on how you interact with everyone else on this planet.





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