The Big Game

January 10, 2015

The man

There was a hush as I entered the pub today. All eyes were focused intensely on the football game that is unfolding on the multitude of TV screens that surround me. Five are within my gaze.

Navy blue and lime green beat a familiar pattern across this place. We’ve got a few Seattle fans up here in B.C.

Seattle Seahawks are blazing a path toward their second Superbowl championship in as many years.

Richard Sherman

The egomantics of this prize are inflated far beyond that of Good Year Blimp, of this I am certain, and for that reason I find myself contemplating sport in general. It makes me wonder about entertainment and our demand to be fed this litany of sport, movies, gossip, celebrity, etc.

Oh, I like my hockey. If the playoffs are on you can bet I’ll be curled up with a brew or two cheering on the home team.

I’ve never been much for football, however, or UFC, or golf, or tennis, or….

Several years ago my daughter I went to see the movie ‘Friday Night Lights’.

It was based on a high school football team in a run down Texas town that had seen better days. The opening shots of that movie had and still do have an impact.

The camera pans through a ghost town of run down shops sadly in need of repair. It is something of ghost town it would seem and then you see the signs.

‘Closed. At the Game.’

Then the camera leads you just outside of this ugly little town to this state of art football arena that looks so glaringly out of place. All of the townsfolk have conjoined to cheer on their team.


Young men who can’t read are hoping for a college scholarship. Those not as talented are just hoping to get laid more than a few times by more than a few women.

(News Flash: Sherman is having a hissy fit about what, I cannot say at 6:08 PM in the 2nd quarter of the game. Seattle is up 7-0 with 11:03 left in the 2nd quarter)

Remember, you heard it here first folks!

They have seismology equipment on site as last weekend out at the University the roar of the crowd was recorded at 1.3 on the Richter scale. Again there is that desire in the States to pay homage to these demi-gods of theirs (a.k.a. football players).

We put so many people on a pedestal, don’t we?

My daughter and I chatted about this today. It is a human thing I suppose. I’ve had my crushes, my sweet desires. We all do.


I’ve driven the streets of Vancouver with my daughter hanging from the passenger’s window waving a white flag to honour the Canucks in their run for the Stanley Cup.

(News Flash: The game is now all tied up at 7-7 at 6:16 PM)

This is not a new behaviour in the human equation. We have a certain blood lust born to us I believe. Think of the gladiators back in Roman times. No doubt there have been any and all manners of ‘sport’ over the years to entertain the masses.

We look for those heroes who will suffer mightily for the benefit of those (us) who adore and hold them and their suffrage to the highest esteem and in the efforts that have been made.

They seek to be our champions and we make them our legends.

Until the next best thing comes along.

light bulb

(News Flash: Seattle just scored another touchdown so with under 5 minutes in the 2nd half, they are up 14-7).

I guess these days I find we ever more caught up by these stallions, by these showdowns, by these events that are marketed to the max.

Hell, it brings in millions upon millions of dollars in revenue to local economies. Restaurants, pubs, sport shops, etc., well they live for this stuff.

A story on the news last night noted that the Seattle Seahawks were outselling the Vancouver Canucks in paraphernalia.


Big news?

And 12 people were gunned down in Paris, France along with 4 hostages on the following day all in the name in Allah?


A satirical magazine published a less than favourable depiction of Mohammed moving what…I don’t know.


And I felt so deeply saddened by this. What is happening to us?

That these ‘terrorists’, ‘religious zealots’ or whatever it is we are calling them these days are so entrapped in their fear and hate that they so firmly believe that ‘their’ God endorses their actions is not only sad and devastating, but it’s heartbreaking.


Tell those in the U.S.A. that carrying guns (which is written into their constitution) doesn’t make them safer and if fact causes more harm than good and well…you’ll find your self on list of sorts. But I ask my southern neighbors this? Did the architects of your country have an AK-47 in mind when they signed said document?

Did the idea that a gun could blow the whole of person apart enter their mindset?


This little Canadian gal thinks not.

I believe those who fought to lay out the foundations of your country had something far simpler in mind.

Don’t give me the crap that guns don’t kill people…people kill people. Guns were created for one purpose and that is to kill.

If you can live with some little child finding a parent’s gun and killing another and justifying this, or a child who is bullied and harassed walking into a school room and blowing everyone to bits, all the power to you.

Last year I wrote a blog about a murder here in Canada. It was the 4th murder of the year or some such thing but I was devastated. One of my American counterparts commented that we were making an awful fuss up here about just the 4th murder.


I replied the day that I was indifferent to such things would hopefully find me having passed from this life.

It’s never okay and it is never justified.

I am watching all this violence escalating, then watching movie trailers for a film about Martin Luther King Jr.

Did we miss something here?

Ghandi fasted for peace. Mother Theresa took a vow of poverty. God apparently gave his only begotten son and what have we taken from all of this?

We’ve gotten really fucking good at killing each other.

Firefighters carry a victim on a stretcher at the scene after a shooting at the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper,

Now we have drones.

Hell, it won’t even affect us as it won’t really seem real. Just send a little ‘bot out there to eradicate the sons o’ bitches! Kind of like playing ‘Slaughterhouse’ or whatever video games we’ve developed to keep us ‘entertained.’

The lost art of conversation, the lost ability of human interaction?

We claim to adhere to love and forgiveness then trash the next set of misguided beings that are out to avenge their God.

High School kids sit in a booth in a diner texting each other. Look up. See the person…and try talking to them.


And I’m feeling this odd disillusionment in what surrounds me.  In my mind it doesn’t seem that hard or all that difficult.

Just love.

A boy places flowers outside the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket near Porte de Vincennes

And at halftime the Seahawks are up 14 to 10 against Carolina. It is 6:57 PM.


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