Back In Training: Week One

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It is pushing 11:00 PM on this Friday evening.  It’s been a very busy week, a very wet and determined one.  On November 1st, 2014 I began working with a personal trainer.  I had met with her a couple of weeks back and expressed the issues I was having at regaining my health namely rebuilding my core.

Interesting how this all played out as I went through treatment. I tried so hard to believe I was in complete control of what was happening to me physically.  I tried to minimize and downplay the damage that was resulting.

For several months during and after treatment I kept trying to continue with my workouts and the run clinic.  And in my head  I attempted to do so at my previous level of training thinking that I’d be just fine.

Fatigue set in, then the agonizing spiral downward physically began.

I accepted that I needed to let my body heal so I rolled back the physical demands I was making.

And then I just stopped.


Earlier this year it all came crashing down and I found myself in a depression.  The realty of the situation and the fears I’d denied came to the fore. The feelings of defeat were overwhelming.  Nothing was going accordingly.

I found myself falling into the familiar loop of coming home from work on a Friday evening and having a pity party consisting of beer and pizza.

Consumption of such items are not conducive to good health.

In any case I’ve been having a few chats with myself as of late.  I’ve spent a lifetime feeling that everything I’ve wanted has just been an arms length, that I’m not quite there.

A few weeks back I got to thinking about how I’ve had to work hard, exceptionally so, to get where I am.  Nothing has come easy.  I’ve made the same mistakes over and over and in a variety of formats.

It’s a talent!  And you know, it’s okay.  Nothing wrong with working hard.

The past few years I didn’t want to be held back any longer and made some major changes in my life and I’ve shared several of those moments with you on this forum.

And now that light is emerging once more and I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame.  I want wholeness, I want completeness, I want to explore and exhaust all my capabilities.

I want to love, I want to give, and want to surrender to the beauty that surrounds me.

I just want to be.

balance 1

Experience each moment and live them fully and honestly.

So I will begin again.  Nourish the physical body, nourish the spirit and the soul.

My body is aching at this moment.  And that’s okay.  It’s what I anticipated.  Training will do that to you at times.

I met with Tamer who is my trainer last Saturday.  She had researched the exercises that would be most effective in helping rebuild my core muscles.  The idea was to have a regiment that I could do at home if I couldn’t make it to the gym.

I’ve subsequently been to the gym three times and worked out at home twice.

Week One:

1. Floor Plank – 45 sec. x 2                                                  7.  Side Planks – 10 sec x 2

2. Cardio – Step ups w/ 14 lb ball – 90 sec x 2                8.  Bench Push ups – 20 x 2

3.  Straight Leg Raises – 20 x 2                                         9.  Lunges (static) Up & Downs – 20 x 2

4. Back Extensions – 20 x 2                                             10.  Crunches – 50 x 2 w/ 10 lb. weight

5. Cardio – Seal Jacks – 30 x 2

6. Cardio – Mountain Climber – 30 x 2

This the 30 minute workout.

At the gym I’ve been doing 35 minutes of cardio (20 minutes on the stationary and 15 on the elliptical)

Along with the above I’ve been doing two sets on three leg machines and three arm machines.

After this first week I am feeling tight and achy with that familiar exhaustion washing over me.  I’m taking a brief a break from my running group.  Over the next the month I am going to focus on building up my strength and conditioning.  I’ll start back with the group in December.

It is my hope that come January I’ll be conditioned enough over the next eight weeks that I’ll feel confident enough to sign up for the BMO 1/2 Marathon in May 2015 and begin the fifteen weeks training for that event.

I need to do this again.  I need to do it with a healthy body, not a cancer ridden one.  I need to find that elusive mantle where I am at my optimum health on every level.  I need to release my creativity and move forward with the plans to launch my publishing company and my book.

All of this has been moving along at a snail’s pace.  Seems my life for time had begun to drag.

I don’t want to know my weight at this point.  Too depressing.  I’ve told Tamer not to tell me on my weekly weigh-ins until I ask.  I’m not fighting a number so for now I’ll just exclude it from the mix. She can let me know what I’ve taken off.

In any case, I’m back at it.


Time to wash up and go to bed.  In the morning I will have the extreme pleasure of going out to Pyke’s & Buckley’s Performance Horse Ranch in Langley to take some photographs.

I’m super excited.

Thanks for stopping by.





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