September 20, 2014


My nephew and his wife brought their twins into the world today. So I thought I would share the events on this day to commemorate their arrival.

It is the last day of a spectacular summer. The sky now has a soft haze to it has the sun sets on this season.   I’m down on the river having dinner watching the geese fly by forming that all too familiar vee.  Also today I noticed several trees beginning to turn shades of red and gold.

Funny how it happens just like that.

Gary posted some beautiful photos of the babies, and wow, their energy is so strong! The last few months seeing the photos of Carleigh, of how healthy she looked, how at peace she looked, well I felt the energy of these two even then. Their life force is incredible

The new dudes

Finishing up my dinner at the Wild Rice a warm breeze washes over me as the train sounds its lonely refrain.  A tree on the Quay is alight with white Christmas lights that have remained all year long.  The world’s largest tin soldier stands a short distance from me gazing over the Fraser River as it always does.

Last weekend of summer 2014 049

There is a piano that is set up…they’ve put several around the lower mainland for people to play randomly and someone is currently playing a familiar tune. A woman who was dining here with her family is cradling her new born grandchild likely a month or two old.

Tug boats glide quietly up the river with log boons in tow as dusk grows ever darker and lights begin to blink on. Earlier today I put together photographs on a flash drive for my girlfriend of her son’s wedding. I also downloaded some photos from our trip to New York back in 2011.

And as I flipped through those images today, which I’ve not viewed for some time, the thrill of being there was once again experienced.

I had just completed the Coho Run, a 14 KM race, and a week later I jetted off to New York arriving just a week after the tenth anniversary of 9/11. I fell in love with the city.  It had as much energy as I did.  It was old and crusty, young and vibrant as well as stately and mature.

New York contradicts itself on many levels and makes no apology for it. It has attitude and then some.

I then headed into town to take my friend to lunch for her birthday which was in fact on the 4th of September.   I have four friends that celebrate a birthday in September. They are born under the sign of Virgo as are the twins that came this day.

And these two lads have made their debut during the Year of the Horse, one of the noblest of creatures on this planet.

I’m not going to check the news reels to see who was killing who. I’m not going to talk about the problems in this world that occurred on this day.  Problems have and will likely always exist in this world.

What I will say, is that Gary and Carleigh set up a Facebook page to keep all of us informed of the imminent birth of these two guys.

Their mother looked positively radiant and their father couldn’t wipe the smile from his face. Their joy was palpable, and the energy was a total rush.

Birth can be painful, as well I remember my own experience. Yet, when that first glimpse of the child that has grown within is experienced, simple awe and humility often follow.

Another promise has come into this world; another piece to an unending puzzle.

Welcome to the human race, boys!

Last weekend of summer 20142 060Last weekend of summer 2014 074

Love will be the energy that guides you.  Curiosity will propel you and a world awaits for you to experience it.  Know that there will be times when you will know sadness and you will hurt.  These experiences will make you stronger and appreciate joy and happiness that much more. You’ll feel a range of emotions during your lifetime but know that the love of your family really is there.

You are so fortunate in this regard.  I can not think of two more fitting parents than the couple you were blessed with.

My prayer for you is that life will flow in abundance through you. May you experience the true fabric of life and understand its contents.

Know that what you choose to weave into this fabric is yours for the making. Your brother and sisters’ will give you guidance.  Listen to their wisdom. Our time here is brief.  Enjoy it.

And as the dark of night falls may you never tire of the beauty that each day will afford you.

The stars that can shine through do. Here in New Westminster and the lower mainland in general, we emit so much artificial light that we obliterate the billions of stars that carpet the sky.

I hope you will experience this. That you’ll go camping and lay side by side enamored by the view with your breath taken away by the skies above you.  They are more alive than you can ever imagine!

Know that you were born on a day when those closest to you were so excited at your coming. All was very well on this day of your birth.

It has been a beautiful day, a calming day, a reflective day. One that I have appreciated with close friends.

I sat down at English Bay looking out over the ocean, watching the seagulls misbehave while chatting with my friend. This is a magical place for me.  Find those places that speak to you and hold them close to your heart.  They’ll be your old familiars, the things that never change.

Last weekend of summer 2014 028Sunset Beach Sept 5, 2014 206

As I paid my bill the server asked about my writing. I told him I was trying to capture a moment in time for the two that entered this world today; that I wanted to give them that little slice of history that would otherwise not be recorded.

Suddenly I was overcome by the shear beauty of the event and tears pushed to the fore.  I took my leave thinking of the miracle of life.

And on that note let me just say, welcome.




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