Welcome to Dreamland


I was taken back to a well known dreamscape last evening.  I’ve not visited this place in a very long time.  Upon waking I found myself trying to recall the original dream and the significance of this place.

I don’t know about you, but quite often the places I visit in the dream realm look nothing like the actual location.

For example, dreams that I’ve had about the home I grew up in has at times looked like a well guarded concrete fortress. At other times it had glass exterior walls and at other times upon entry it had no interior walls.  Space is often very much distorted in my dreamscapes as well.  There have been times when the bedroom I had as a girl became a cavernous thing with more twists and turns than you can possibly imagine.

I will share last evenings dream with you first so here is the setup.


I decide to go for a walk.  I will be joining my daughter over in North Vancouver later in the day for a late lunch.

At the last moment I decide to go to a place I’ve not been in a good long while.  It is supposedly this hidden gem in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver though in my dream it looks nothing like the actual area.  I have provided a link at the end for images of the actual area because what I am about to describe to you shares no resemblance to it at all.

Welcome to my dream.  Let me show you around.

I haven’t gotten my toes wet in a while.  Here it is this glorious day and I decide to go to the little gem of a beach I found so many years before.  It is a perfect day outside. The sky is a deep and cloudless blue.  I park the car and begin to walk through a winding maze of shops.  This place has the look of a small fishing village and the feel of an artists’ community.  Quaint ramshackle structures line the streets and people are buzzing about.  Fishing nets are being mended, outdoor cafes are full, flower shops emit lovely fragrances into the air.  Artists have their wares on display while they diligently work among the masses.


The smell of coffee and cinnamon teases the senses as well.  The place has a lazy feel to it.  Like you could just get lost here forever.  Ahead of me a bluff rises abruptly up out over the ocean.  The road will come to and end.  There is a park house at the mouth of it. Washroom facilities and the like are contained within the structure.  It is a city park that lays before me but it’s what’s on the other side of the bluff that is my mission this day.  I check the time.  I likely won’t be able to go all the way around.  Still I should be able to get down to the first tier. 

If you walk to the top of the bluff which isn’t that far you will find yourself some 200 feet up over the ocean.  The main beach is far below to my right and on a day like this it is packed with sun worshipers.   Now you can access the main beach from several different roads further down the way.  I am going to the beach that is a little more difficult to access.  To my left the rock face juts up sharply.  Not many people go beyond this.  Many years ago we chanced to see where this little nook that’s practically invisible went.  The first time I walked through this passage way I was terrified.  Would I suddenly find myself suspended several hundred feet above with no safety net?  Still, I’d been curious.  Sometimes you have to take that chance. 


There is this narrow opening with a small passage that will take you through the bluff.  There are three tiers.  Today I’ll just go down to the first one.  I won’t have time to do them all but I promise myself to come back here soon and do them all.  It’s been far too long.  I walk carefully through this passage.  The lighting is dim and you must be careful as there is always some form of debris.  Also you must ensure no animals have taken refuge.  I have made it a point to sing when first I start.  Then I’ll stop and listen.  If nothing scurries about then I will continue.  For the first fifty feet or so I will move ahead relatively straight with a slight bend to the right.  Then it turns to the left there is a crook and then it straightens out again but now you are moving down hill.  This carries on for another twenty-five feet or so.  It is fairly dark in this part too.  Oh that first time, I remember my heart pounding so fast that I was certain it would break through the confines of my chest.  Then there is another sharp turn to the left.  And now you are moving in the direction that you just came from.  So it is a zigzag kind of thing.  Another twenty feet or so and then it levels off.   In truth while it is hard, going back as it is uphill it is much easier to navigate.  I am almost at the first tier opening.  I can hear the rush of water and smell the sea spray.  Slipping through the opening my breath catches as it always does.  I have exited onto a lush grassy knoll.  This grass feels like cashmere to the touch.  It is long and moves fluidly with the breeze.  Some fifty feet below me is the beach.  It is this magical cove.  Trees grow out of the rock face at impossible angles.  The sand on this beach is so fine and the view is spectacular!  Forest lines the outline and gives way to the ocean which goes on forever.  You can, from this vantage point, see the curvature of the earth on the water.  I close my eyes for a moment and just drink in the sweet air that surrounds me. 

I check the time.  I won’t have time to go down and play in the water. I must head back to go and meet my daughter.  I will have to bring her back here.  We’ve not come here in such a long while.  I see something swimming in the water then just before I head back into the passage way.  At first it almost resembles an alligator.  It is just a really big dog.  Sometimes the things you see here, well, they can morph into many things. 


I come up through the passage quick enough.  A brief glance around then I head back to the car.  A moment later the dog runs past me and I laugh.  He stops for a moment and sniffs at a pile of clothing that is set beside bench.  The cloth moves and I see a baby lying there.  Surprised I walk over.  Beneath the bench are two more children.  The baby boy is likely about eight months old, the other boy is about a year and half and then there is a little girl maybe two and half years old.  They are dirty. 

“Hi there,” I say to the little girl. “Where are your parents?”

“They’re coming.” she responds defensively. 

I get them out and onto the bench then enquire again as to their whereabouts. 

From I’ve been able to ascertain is that the children were left here overnight as some form of disciplinary punishment.  This alarms me.  I call my daughter and tell her the situation so she agrees to come over and meet me.  I will call the authorities next.  I call the authorities and tell them the situation then wait. 

My daughter shows up and I go get some food for the kids.  Day is beginning to fade and I am becoming really upset that no one has come to take these children.  The little girl now goes missing.  We are trying to find her and then the baby boyes disappear too. 

I see them all be bundled into a vehicle and run after them.  It is the parents I discover and I am so angry with them.  They swear and curse at me then drive away and I write down their license plate.  The authorities finally show and I am really distraught at this point.  I give them the information and the assure me they will check it out. 

I will discover later that they feel there was simply a misunderstanding and the children are fine.  I am devastated by this as is my daughter. 

That portion of the dream ends and I find myself taken into a Mary Tyler Moore rerun where she’s having a sleep over with Rhoda and they are having issues as to where they should sleep.  From there the dream takes me to a home I’ve just purchased that is on top of a bluff…though I realize now it is a different bluff.  And the view, my God, it’s stunning!

And my last thought in sleep before I awaken is that I’ll have to take a photo of this view and post it on Facebook as it is quite extraordinary.

Upon waking I really tried to figure this one out.  I thought of the emotions that were stirred and I really ran the gamut.  What was prevalent in my thoughts, however, was the importance of this place in my subconscious.  I can close my eyes and tell you in detail the beauty and surprises of travelling to the other two tiers brought me.  It is that clear in my mind’s eye and yet this place doesn’t exist.

Crema's Cruise 2014 277Crema's Cruise 2014 271Crema's Cruise 2014 273

How did I know I was in Kitsilano?  When I called my daughter and the authorities I told them I was at the gem in Kits by the park house.  And yet when I had moved into my new home on the bluff, it was not in Kits.  Yet I’ve been to this place many times in the realm of sleep as well.  Both have similarities but are vastly different in terms of a view.  They are exquisite.

Please feel free to share some of your more memorable dreams as well.   If you are not familiar with Vancouver, then click on the link below to get a feel for what Kits really looks like.  I’m sure you will agree it is very different than the landscape I described.

Enjoy your day.



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