Fashionably Uncomfortable!

I attended a wedding last weekend.  Twelve hours passed from attending the ceremony until I gave into exhaustion and left the reception at approximately 11:45 PM.

I took some 350 photographs, dined on a fabulous feast and danced ’cause my feet just couldn’t stay still and thoroughly enjoyed the company of all!

In all honesty, I could have carried on for a few more hours but I happened to be wearing support hose.

I am of the mind now that whomever invented pantyhose had a serious hate on for women.  That was my feeling when I was dressing for the event and in the eleventh hour questioned my attire when a hot flash ensued.

hose 1

The deception of the advertising would have you think the jiggly bits will magically disappear!

Pantyhose and perspiration do not mix.

It was a formal affair so fashionably I had to suck it up and keep my jiggly bits restrained.

The final two block walk up the hill to my home on Saturday evening had me uttering a number of profanities regarding said support hose.  Within seconds of entering the house I was tearing the damn things from my person.

Then exhausted I crawled into bed and let sleep claim me.

On Sunday as I perused the photographs I thought of the friendships that have blessed my life.  Many of my close friends I have known for some 25 years if not more.

It was my friend’s son that married and I’ve known the family for about 26 years now or thereabouts.

Cathy and I have shared laughter and heartache over the years. I must say, it was those moments of heartache when the friendship was truly cemented.  The laughter and joy we’ve experienced is the pleasure derived from investing in a friendship.

As I looked through the photos I’d taken, many things moved through me. I’d watched this young man grow from child to man.  I smiled as the memory of Cathy and I loading up the van for a run to the dump with goods that were no longer of use.  A very tattered and torn Curious George was in amongst the ruins to be discarded that day.


The boy’s devastation was more than apparent as he tried desperately to rescue this soiled and spent thing. A tantrum of epic proportions ensued and as we drove away he ran after the van sobbing ‘George! George! I want George!’

It did have a very comedic undertone to it. His mother truly tried to reason with him. Stubbornly he wouldn’t have it. I felt sad for him in that moment. We were taking a beloved friend, albeit inanimate, from the boy and I understood that.


He grew into a teenage boy with a gleeful penchant for trouble. Even this delinquent charm of his had an innocent honesty to it. He was quite proud of the mischief he managed to create so much so that often he would boast about it.

In his graduation year he and his buds took some spray cans to the school and wrote several derogatory comments on the exterior. Marco signed his name to his remarks and yes, he got busted.

And while his friends made comments of the like in memory of these happenings and their wayward ways during the reception, all noted Marco had taken the energy and become something of an entrepreneur.

It was a pleasure to watch him take his vows with his longtime girlfriend who seemingly keeps him so balanced.

m & jm & j 2

And I again silently swore at having committed myself to wearing those damnable support hose.

The years have gone by in a pinch.  Where we once exercised like a banshees to keep the boobs, ass and tummy tight…now we look for a piece of elastic that will tuck everything into place.

I am back in the gym. I’ve got quite a bit of weight to take off. The cancer debacle has left me looking rather discombobulated.  I do know that even once I do take off the weight the boobs and ass are still going to be droopy. And I’m fine with that.

I read somewhere that there are lotions that you can apply that will tighten everything up for a special event. I think one was a fabricated snake venom that, like Botox, will freeze everything?


I will stay with being fashionably uncomfortable and tucking myself into support hose and the like when the event and need requires the effort.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the pleasure of each day and the friends I share them with.





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