In Search Of….

California 1976 022
I just finished a piece for Caitlin Press Inc. for an anthology that they are putting together of women travelling alone and what the experience was like.   My submission is regarding an impromptu trip to California circa 1976 that I took.

A young man named John assisted me in a big way back in the day.  After my return to Vancouver we wrote to each for a few years.  Then we lost touch.

Some 38 years have passed since that time.  The photo I am sharing shows me with John, who is standing next to me and two of his friends. 

I can’t recall his last name, however, he was a fabulous artist on his way to university. His dad was a movie producer and they lived in the Hollywood Hills.  

I would love to touch base with John again.  Just to tell him how much I appreciate all he did for me at that time.  Of the some eight million that lived in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, I managed to find an angel. 

If you know John, please pass this along to him.  Thanks.


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