The Storyteller


What is it that appeals or repels in a story?  What drives it?  What do we take away from it?

I love a well told story.  I look for those little twists and turns, the innuendo that leads me through various avenues as the story plays out.  We’ve been reminded time and again that every story ever told has been done so over and over again.

Take the romance genre for example.  It is basically the same format in pretty much every book.  So why keep reading them?

What does it for me is character development.  If I can connect to them then I’m hooked and it doesn’t matter the genre.

As the reader I am conjuring what may happen .  I am delighted when a surprise occurs that throws me off.  The most important aspect is how the story is told and how it unfolds.

And I got to thinking, I could tell you stories that would break your heart, but you know what?  I would rather tell you stories that will help mend them.

I have to be careful in the telling though.  I don’t want to tell a feel good story that ends up being so sacharine sweet that I am wanting rip my hair out and run screaming from a room, or to a room, or down a street, or up a street….

You get the idea.


I had a bit of rant just over a week ago about the trailer for a new show that is on television this summer called ‘EXTANT’.  It features Halle Berry and is produced by Stephen Speilberg. After duly criticising the over dramatic trailer I decided to do due diligence and actually (GULP) watch the show.

Yes, yes…I know…my sacrifices know no bounds

I decided to watch it until my interest really starts to wane.  Keep in mind what is happening to Halle Berry’s character Molly Brown will have an impact on ALL OF MANKIND!

Story 2

I am two episodes in and can smell a certain consiracy theory brewing. My guess is that possible aliens are living on our planet that have a comfortable relationship with the US government and NASA?

Molly and her husband have an android child named Ethan who looks like he walked off the set of ‘Children of the Corn’.  Yup, he’s a little creepy.  The husband builds these things though I am not 100% certain as the why of it.  The story is a little vague there.

corn 4children corn

The thing is, prior to Molly’s adventures in space, they sent another dude up to space for 13 months on his own and he came back and got all weirded out and paranoid so he killed himself.

Then we find out in episode two that he didn’t kill himself…he faked his death and is now living in a trailer hiding from the authorities.

So of course, NASA would send up another astronaut for 13 months, a woman this time, to live alone in space.  And she comes back knocked up.

There is this multi-billionaire dude, Yasimoto, or something like that who apparently owns half the planet.  I think he’s an alien.  His character, while in good shape is likely in his late 50’s or early 60’s.  He sticks his finger in a sensory object on his dresser and  it tells him he has 103 years and 55 minutes left to live.

I will watch a little longer to see if what I am thinking plays out.

Sadly, they could have made this a really good show had they stayed away from the conspiracy theory aspect to it, but I can see it beginning.  Meanwhile Molly still has not told her husband of her extraterrestial pregnancy and she is teaching her android son the art of deception by forming a pack to to keep secrets from the father / husband.

penguin 3

Now, let me switch completely.  When I watched ‘The March of the Penguins’ I was spellbound by the story Morgan Freeman narrated about these charming birds.  This documentary illicited a host of emotions in me.  And I was simply watching footage of penguins.

penguin 2penguin 1

Indeed, how well a story is told is key for any storyteller and I hope to continue to grow and expand in this area.

I would love to hear from you what some of your favourtie stories or books are and why. And again, thanks for stopping by.






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