The Law of Attraction?

Since that small book ‘The Secret‘ hit the shelves several years ago the law of attraction has been propagated to the point that now it seems to have gone viral. Workshops are offered in abundance to assist where the book left off.


Still haven’t found those utopian delights you were assured would come your way? All the wealth and abundance that the universe was to shower upon you didn’t occur? Take a number.  You’re not alone.

Now we’re being told ‘The Secrett’ left a few things out.

I gasped in horror at this revelation!  NO!  Say it ain’t so!

But think about it.  Do you really believe someone would publish a book that would tell all of us how to manifest true happiness, wealth and abundance within the confines of just over one hundred pages?  Does it sound realistic that all you have to do is put a positive image of what you want out to the universe and it will be returned to you ten fold?


The thing of it is, that in essence, that is one of the basic keys but it goes much deeper than that and is far more complex.  And this is what the book left out, or as Garry Trudeau told a group who had paid handsomely for his workshop, the information was in fact removed.

The one percent who rule the financial world don’t want us to know these secrets and so they ensured that the book was duly edited because they own all the major publishing companies.

When first I began to hear about the Law of Attraction in truth I thought it had something to with sex.  Because I’d shut that side of myself down I really paid very little attention to it. Crazy, I know but that was how my grey matter was working twenty some odd years ago.


I’d heard the buzz about the book ‘The Secrett’ and came upon a copy a few years after its initial launch and read it through rather quickly.  By all accounts the information is interesting and can assist you.  Would I say that it’s transformative?  That it will change your life?

No. Not really.

What got me going on this post today was an ad on the internet as I perused my email that read as follows:

‘Could the Law of Attraction Be THIS WRONG?

Star of The Secret — and Mindvalley favorite —
Bob Proctor is convinced the Law of Attraction
He is going to explain everything on this Tuesday’s
Abundance Masterclass.’
It goes on to mention a host of other laws that we are to adhere to in order to have that utopian life we all seem to be chasing.
And what exactly is it that we’re looking for?  If we all had unlimited wealth and abundance then what?
I have a deep curiosity about the human experience.  Of why we want the things we do, of why we believe if we had certain things we’d be deliriously happy.
What I’ve learned along the way isn’t really complicated but doesn’t come overnight either and it takes a lifetime committment that will change and adjust throughout the course of time and be wholly dependent upon what it is you are actually seeking at any point along the way.
What I seek is to be happy, loved and successful.  And you know, just these few things come in multitude of forms and in an infinite number of ways.
earth 5
I cannot be ridiculously happy all the time. The sadness that has been in my life counters and compliments the appreciation I have for the joy that I do experience and feel.   Success can mean so much to so many as well.  The simple act of waking and making it through each day can be viewed as a success to many.
Then of course we have love.  What I know is that it starts with that face you see in the mirror each day.  And if you release this energy, this love to the universe in a manner where you’ve let go of ego, where you’ve let go of entitlement, where you’ve let go doubt  and expectation then perhaps it will come back to you in a way that will indeed surprise you.
I want everyone in this world to know peace of mind, to know love on some level. A simple wish really.  It’s not about material wealth.  Abundance too can mean so many things.  An abundance of love, of forgiveness…just to name a few.  Along with the positive, as you well know, the opposites are in abundance, notably hate and greed.
Pills 2
Am I entitled to the lifestyle I see flaunted on the BC Lottery commercials?  No.
Do I want that lifestyle?  Not really.
I’m still looking for my authentic truth.  I do believe I’m getting closer.  What I’ve found though is this changes as well.  Finding what I believe in at the time appears to be the end all and be all and then another question or issue is raised that has me looking deeper still.
And perhaps that’s the point of this life.  Trying to uncover all the mysteries that go on for an eternity, that are timeless, that make up just one little speck in this thing we call space.
I like to think that we are just one of millions, or perhaps billions of star systems that house a variety of life forms.  And wouldn’t it be cool if we could get that point where we could travel to and from and co-exist with them?
Hubble Deep Field
The thing of it too, is that I don’t believe the majority of people want unlimited wealth and fabulous riches.  I would think the populace wants similarly the same ideals that I seek.
You can have everything you ever wanted…but it will cost you.
And all these laws that apparently govern us when you get down to the heart of the matter it is simply being human.
Of rising above our animal sensibilities, of understanding that we have been gifted with so much more and of exploring the endless scope of possibilties.
There is an order to this world, though at times can appear to be random.  We’ve been travelling down a path that will ultimately lead to our demise.  Rape, pollute and kill our earth and our fate is sealed.
One thing though is that this planet of ours is resilient.  If she feels duly threatened then we’ll be wiped out.  I can guarantee that earth will be here long after we are but an echo in the universe.
So what does this law of attraction mean?  I don’t know.
If we actually stopped and realized the power we each hold, the power of one as it were, and understood and respected it fully…think of what we could accomplish?
May 3, 2014 064
If we each endeavoured to make this world a better place for just one person that will follow in our wake then the next six billion people to inhabit this planet will do a fabulous job, yes?
Hard to say but it’s not about wealth at all.
It is about love.  This is an energy that I am just beginning to understand and explore.
Laws and truths and fears abound.  Perhaps the complexity in all of this is the actual simplicity of it.
I don’t have the anwsers but I can certainly share and speculate with you on this journey that I’ve undertaken.
I would love to hear back from you on what it is you seek in this life.
Have a great day.  Namaste!




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