The Training Game

Queens Park August 24 604

Summer is fast approaching and I have much to do.

I haven’t been posting to often these days.

Yes, I was away and I’ve told you all about my little adventures.

Now I’m back making some big committments to myself.

Time to get the book launched.  I am starting my own publishing company and have it registered.  I had to purchase another computer as the one I have at home is in its twilight. Once I get that in I can set up all the software and format the book.

By then I will have purchased my ISBN numbers and obtained my EIN number.

Then it is just a question of setting up a business account along with a few other accounts.

Also I have decided to run the Coho this year which is a 14 KM race in September.

So I am officially back in training.

This time out will be very different.  I am far more focused on my foods.  First up I am doing a Liver Reset program.  This will begin next week and run for 14 days.  It is designed to flush out toxins and restore the good bacteria.  It is done with food groupings.  From this I hope to learn alot about pairing my foods and the logistics behind it.

For example, did you know that you should never drink while eating?  In fact, you should not eat for an hour prior and an hour after.

Sounds crazy but as I researched it I began to understand the why.  If you drink any liquid just before and during your meal, water included, your digestive juices are diluted.  It will then take longer to digest your food.

From what I understand the longer it takes to digest, the fewer nutrients you get and your body will absorb a bunch of the bad stuff too.

Sandra explained that if I start just not drinking while I eat and then adding to the time on either end.  Five minutes, ten, fifteen, twenty. You get the idea.

I have every intention of enjoying the food as well.  I`ve been looking over the recipes and they sound delicious.  You can also substitute veggies and fruits as well, as long as they are in the same category (i.e. lettuce, spinach, kale)

I need to rebuild my fitness regime and make it progressivley more challenging as well.  I can tell you that currently it is tough to run with the added weight.  I should know in about one month what my progress is.  I am going to keep a food diary as well.  This I find useful in that you can look back at the various combinations that worked really well together.

Also, making the effort to keep a record will hold me to account.  I make it a point to write down everything.  Even the little bowl of potatoe chips I have at the office on Friday afternoons.

If I were to go and have a couple of beer, I would need to record this as well.  And beer, while I love it, I will have to abstain for a while.  I will allow the odd glass of wine but that`ll be it.

The timing is fabulous too.  I want to launch the company and I need to be focused.  The two should compliment each other exceptionally well.

When I signed up for the 1/2 Marathon last year, I spoke often of acheiving optimum health.  I have a better vision now of what that looks like for me personally.

Time to make it happen.




3 thoughts on “The Training Game

  1. I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to drink while eating, but I just can’t do it. I find that eating makes me thirsty – that if I don’t have a drink, the food will turn to ash on my tongue without the extra moisture, and isn’t enjoyable – and also that I actually remember to drink while eating since I’m already sitting at the table and in an consumptive frame of mind.


    • I am getting used to it. At first I thought I would never be able to do it, but it`s coming along. I do make sure to drink a lot of water during the day. And I start off with lemon water at room temperature. This helps to flush out the intenstines.


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