Out of This World!

Hubble Horsehead NebulaHubble Pleiades

Images from the Hubble Telescope of the Horsehead Nebula & the Pleiades 

The Mars-1 project was being discussed this morning on the radio.

The call was put out for volunteers to be trained to go to Mars in 2024 and attempt to colonize the planet. It has been narrowed down and fifty-two Canadians are in the running for the mission.

mars-1Mars 4

Rendering of the Mars-1 settlement  www.mars-one.com

Now the thing about this is that there will be no coming back.  Once they leave earth…they are gone for good.

And I got to thinking about exploring space.  I wondered how big the ships will be?  What amenities they’ll have on them?  Won’t be the Enterprise, I can assure you that!

And what will be the cost and who will be footing the bill for this?  Apparently they’ll be sending out 4 people every year or two.

I’m really not too sure on the timing of this thing.

And what about oxygen?  How do you replicate this in such a hostile environment forever?

Hubble Crab NebulaHubble Deep Field


Taken by Hubble of the Crab Nebula and Deep Space.  

The Deep Space shot reminds me of a line from Space Odessey:2001 “There are millions of them!”

I thought about Bruce Cathie’s findings on the energy grid that surrounds our planet.  Accordingly, there are portals by with space travel could be utilized safely and far more efficiently.  I wonder why these things are not being researched, or are they?

You see, I believe we’ve been visited and observed many times by extrateresstials or aliens for lack of a better term.

And in truth, I don’t like this terminology.  Hell, we used this term when someone from another country enters without proper authorization.

But I digress.

Hubble TarantulaHubble Orion Nebula


From Hubble a close up of the Tarantula Nebula and Orion

Perhaps space travel is far more accessible than we ever imagined. The problem with government and the powers that be is what they don’t want us to know.

Unfortunately, there has never been a sharing of information freely in this world of ours.  I find this sad.

It becomes a race.  It becomes about control and this mistaken idea that with this knowledge comes extreme power.

Not true.  Ultimate power is a force that cannot be reckoned  with and will display openly and honestly every mystery in her infinite vulnerabilty.

It’s not supposed to be easy to understand, if at all.  It will never be possible to harness and manifest this energy.  It just is.

And it always will be.

And when you think you have the power, when you think you’re in control, well, you’ll be surprised how quickly the playing field will narrow.  And you’ll isolate yourself not wanting to lose what was never yours in the first place.

So what is it that we want, really?

For those who want to explore space, I applaud them.  I hope they’ve had the opportunity to explore our world before they give it up for good.

I guess I wonder at the ideology of sending humans to inhabit a dead planet or at least a hostile one.

Mars 7Mars 3


Mars landscape and a look at the Blue Planet Earth from Mars

Why not send them to explore the universe?  I mean, they’re not coming back, correct?

Why this fascination with Mars?

MarsMars 6


Image of Mars and a landscape of the canyons on the planet

I think I’d like to see a manned crew who is obviously willing to give their lives go on one hell of an adventure.

To explore the very fabric of this universe, to explore dark matter, worm holes, threads….

Can you imagine this?  Let me take you there.


You’ve been traveling through space for approximately ten years.  The body now conditioned to replicated nutrition.  The three members of your team are lifelines.  The moods, the isolation, the fear have at times been overwhelming.

But always when you gaze out of the portal window you are humbled and amazed by what you see.

Earth exists in only in your memory now.  Sometimes you wonder if it ever really existed.  You’ve been unable to see her blue smile for some six years now.

Still, you can recall a summer evening shower, a full moon and a cool winter night.

moon 3

There were so many things going wrong on the planet when you left it.  Yet you still have those dreams of laying naked in the sand at midnight with your lover, staring up at the stars and wondering…

And now you’re there.  The beach you once laid upon lives only in your mind’s eye.

You’ve had some scares throughout the years.  You’ve had moments that were indescribable.  No words in the human vocabulary can parlay what you’ve witnessed, yet you try.

In your weekly submissions that are  radioed back to earth you’ve done your damnest to write what you see, what you feel.

And how many times have you pondered those words, that energy slipping silently through space.

Will those on earth hear your screams?  Your fears? Your amazement and awe? Your regret? Your continued curiousity?

Hubble Stellar NurseryHubble Mystic Moutain


Images from Hubble the Stellar Nursery and Mystic Mountain Nebula

Then transmissions began to seriously falter.

Your crew mates, your family, your lifelines…all of you began to wonder if this was the end?

Oh, the heat, then the cold.  The ship was vibrating violently yet perfectly still.

Were you dead?

You’ve come to understand energy in a way never before comprehended or considered.

And this, there was a darkness, a blackness that you entered into.

But it wasn’t nothing…It was everything!

black hole 2Black hole 1black hole3


Images of Black Holes

It’s density unlike anything you’d ever experienced. You were weightless and crushed simultaneously.  The energy and colour that moved through you like a thick molasses then reduced to water then to air.

How could this be?

Are you dead?  The question persists.  Would you be thinking these things if you were?  Would you be thinking at all?

You are but a molecule, a speck.  Just like the other infinitesimal molecules and specks that never end in this universe that never ends.

wormhole 1wormhole 2


Images of Wormholes

A memory of your first remembered Christmas springs to mind, and now your crying.

At six years of age you stared up into the night sky looking for the lights on Santa’s sleigh.  Exhaustion had triumphed but when you woke, there was the telescope and the game Operation.  You had asked every mall Santa you could find for these items.

Ensuring each of them that you would find the cure to all the ills of this world.  And now, God knows how many light years from your planet of birth you are, but you never fulfilled that pledge, did you?

How long you were in this transit state is unclear.  Time really has no meaning here.

And where is out here exactly?

Threadcentaur stringthread 2


Images of Galatic Threads and Strings

The ship has slowed, you are looking to your crew and they at you.

What just happened?  This is not said but all of you are thinking it.

Words that push to the surface seem insufficient and insufferably small to describe what has occurred.

In this moment, you’ve travelled three times the distance that it took ten years to cover from earth to the point of entering into whatever it is you entered into.

And what are you seeing now?

You’ve landed on this enigma of your imagination?  Is it real?

Sensations assault you and questions from where, you don’t know are put to you.

“I was human.”

Are you still human?  What does this mean now?

Memory takes you back to science class.  Darwin’s theory of evolution.  Lucy, the hairy beast of a woman traipsing over the continent of Africa.

And you are laughing now…it is a human thing to do, so yes, you are still human.

From that little blue dot known as Earth.


Taken from Voyager which has long since left our solar system




4 thoughts on “Out of This World!

  1. Great post, Nancy! Humanity has always been fascinated with the cosmos. The reason for the especial interest in Mars, I presume, is because it’s the closest planet to us geographically, and therefore the most similar to conditions on Earth (for all that they it’s nothing like Earth and would require constant technological assistance to keep humans alive there).

    I have to admit, when I first heard about the Mars One mission, I could envision myself taking part in what would be the experience of a lifetime (however short said lifetime might end up being).

    I’m not opposed to space exploration and colonization as a concept. But I can’t support the underlying motivation behind it: the “Well, we f*cked up this planet, so we’d better figure out how to colonize a new one!” This because for one, I sure it would be a highly discriminatory process, and two, because I don’t believe humanity is yet enlightened enough to not repeat the same mistakes we’ve made on Earth.


    • I agree with you one hundred percent on the idea that we messed up this world and are not enlightened enough…in my mind unless we can produce clean energy (which we can) that could be supported in the universe as well, we have no business sending people off to colonize other worlds.

      I also agree with your ‘why Mars’ rebuttal.

      The point I suppose is that we’ve had artifical life forms there. it is a hostile enviornment. If they want to play with this idea perhaps they should colonize the moon first to see what they may be up against. At least being at the moon there are options. It would also be a good test run to see how people would make out in that type of isolation.

      I would love to explore space (if I haven’t already 🙂 ). To be witness to just a fraction of the mysteries….


      • That’s an interesting idea, setting up a colony of AIs on Mars to do a test run for humans. It’s a great premise for a sci-fi novel, following the evolution and individuation of the AIs and their inevitable conflict with humanity when we arrive and try to impose our will upon their society.


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