The Race is On


Note:  This post speaks frankly about sex.

Sanctuary Photowalk 089

It was still dark outside on the drive to the gym this morning as should be expected at this time of year. As I finished up my workout though, I had the extreme pleasure of watching a beautiful sunrise. Clouds were feathered gently across a canvas of blue.  I love the colours at this time of year.

I’m still experiencing some general aches and pains.  My physical self is protesting mightily  to exercise these days, but with each go round I do feel marginally better.

My running group did a track workout last night.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  Twelve laps in and I was asking my run leader, Kristen, “Is this the last one?”

“Nope.  We have to do the warm down.”

It was a tough workout but hey, it’s not supposed to be easy.

I’ve been enjoying getting outside and taking in Spring.  At lunch yesterday I grabbed some sushi and was leafing through a local paper known as the ‘The Georgia Straight’.

Pausing, I read the first paragraph of an article on the race to find the female equivalent to Viagra.  I could feel the ire begin to rise in me.

Do we really need this?

pills 1

I understand there are women out there that don’t have orgasms.  I understand that there are women out there that have issues becoming aroused, but do we really need a pill for this too?

The idea of being artificially turned on, to make the body more physically pliable as it were just smacks of a whole host of problems to come. Bet they’ll come up with a pill for the side effects too.

Hell, they now have pharmaceutical agents to assist with your anti-depression medication.  The side-effects list is becoming quite substantial and something about the phrase ‘may cause death‘ doesn’t sit well with me.

pills 3

And I have to wonder if perhaps all the other medications that are being fed to us isn’t messing with our ability to enjoy our sexual self.

And it’s not only medications but the foods we find in our grocery stores that are full chemicals, chemicals and more chemicals.

Could the fact that as the percentage of obesity continues to rise that this too could be a contributing factor to a lacking sex drive?

Then we have stress.  The great unknown.  Or is it?

Perhaps stress is where we need to begin.  Alleviate the stresses in our lives and maybe we will begin to see some improvement.

I was never envious that men were offered a pill for erectile dysfunction issues.  I can tell you right now I would not want to be with someone who had a hard-on for four hours.  (One of the possible side effects).

And there are many factors that will affect our sexual selves.  Smoking, drinking, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, poor diet…just to name a few.  Then you have good ol’ stress.

Stress is likely the reason why you are smoking, drinking, etc.

Of course, we’re now convinced if we are going to have sex, it better damn well be fabulous!

I remember when I heard about a book called ‘The One Hour Orgasm’ I was somewhat befuddled.  It almost sounded painful to be in a state of orgasm for an entire hour.  I prefer to have a few.  They really don’t have to be drawn out.

It also sounds too complicated and I’d have to coordinate something in the mix….wouldn’t I?

I mean, it might be fun to try.  What if you came in at 59 minutes?  So close to the one hour mark!  Arrrgh!

I am being facetious.

I guess my point is that perhaps we should be investing our time in improving the human condition…not trying to manufacture a pill that will do it for us or kill us in the process.

Pills 2

I see these whacked out guys that are stepping up and commandeering countries and throwing the electorate’s human rights straight to hell.  That we are still fighting for so many women’s issues as basic as education and control over their own bodies in this day and age continues to confound.

At times, I feel as if we are all moving backward as a species.  Kind of like we had our ‘Ah Ha!’ moment then stuck our heads back in the sand.

I was watching or rather listening to a documentary the other day.  It was about frogs.  I kind of came into it about fifteen minutes in.  As I was making dinner, from time to time the dialogue grabbed my attention.

The narrator was telling us about how the local government had culled these frogs.  Killed them off….well, just the females as they didn’t want them to reproduce.  Seems they were being overrun by them.

Guess what?  The male frogs turned into females.  Perhaps if they didn’t want them mating they should have fed them alcohol, deprived them of sleep, fed them Kraft Mac & Cheese then offered them a smoke.

My point, if there is one, is the natural world will correct the imbalances that exist.

I’m watching as we pull further away from the natural world.  We want everything and we want it now.

At Delaney’s Coffee Shop this morning the coffee I wanted wasn’t quite ready.  I didn’t mind waiting.  I could chat up the staff and though of how fresh it would be.  Even the simple task of making coffee has become instantaneous.

We used to have ‘freeze-dried’ instant coffee.  Just add hot water.  Of course, you had to boil the water.  Then came the automatic drip coffee maker that was just as fast in most cases as boiling a kettle and tasted much better.

We then began to roast various flavours into the coffee.  Then came iced coffees and many other things that don’t really resemble coffee any longer.

Now we have Keurig (K-Cup) coffee.  Pop in a cup…and in 30 seconds you have your coffee.

I am appalled at the waste.  We have one of these machines in the office.  I don’t use it.  This is my form of protest.  The astronomical amount of waste produced is mind boggling.  A woman who works in the office beside ours rebutted that the K-cups were recyclabled.  I didn’t bother to go into the fact that the amount of energy being used to produce these, let alone recycle them could well be use elsewhere, and that the footprint this was leaving in the waste department was huge.

We don’t want to get old. We don’t want to get fat.  We want to have a great job and go on fabulous vacations.  We want beautiful houses with more rooms than we know what to do with and vehicles that will warm our bums and park themselves while a pleasant voice tells us how to get to where ever it is that we are off to.

You get the idea.

Now we want artificially induced orgasms because they are apparently better?  I don’t know.  If, in fact the equipment is not working properly, I am sure there are ways to bring about gratification.

I mean it is one thing if a woman has undergone the horror of female circumcision or some other form of disfigurement that has resulted in the nerves being damaged.  No pill will remedy this.

Sadly, I think about how many women say they prefer chocolate to sex.  Yet, here we are racing to make a pill that will set the stage for the Big O.  The artificial aphrodisiac.

Sadder still are the women out there having plastic surgery on their vagina’s.  Yup, now the vagina has look good too.

We need to start thinking about the direction we are going on this planet.  Really think about it, because as it stands right now, we are consuming our world at an alarming rate.

In any case, it is an extraordinary day outside.  Think I’ll go snap a few pictures while it still look like this.

Thanks for stopping by.




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