2014-01-06 14.29.24Well I have motored through this week with my head in business mode.  I am an accountant by day and I will leave it to your sweet little imagination what I am by night.

Okay, maybe I won’t leave it to your sweet little imagination.

I have started a few posts that just seemed to head into the great beyond without me.  Rather annoying isn’t it?  You get this great idea and start to write about it then you just hit the wall.

I wouldn’t call it writer’s block.  I really think my head has just been in a different head space this week.  As mentioned previously, for approximately 5 months I was in a bit of fog as a result of treatment.

The last two weeks a sharpness and clarity to the thought process has begun to return and with it the need to go back and review a multitude of things to ensure that I did them correctly, particularly here at work.  It is also year-end, so reviewing and transferring information over is part and parcel of the job.

2014-01-06 14.15.33Now I am thinking about the direction to take this blog of mine.  Let’s face it, this thing has become a bit of maze.  When I began this my daughter advised me to stick to one topic.  So I took what she said to heart and decided to focus health issues. For the most part I’ve kind of stayed with this theme.

Who knew my health was going to be so bloody dramatic?

Then, of course,  I got into my rants inspired by the daily news.  I voiced my opinions on any number topics. I thought of starting a series devoted to fiction.  The only thing I managed was the Christmas short story.

After two years of being on this site I still don’t know how to use many of its functions because, in all honesty, I’ve never taken the time to explore them.

I read other members blogs and I love many of them.  They get really good feedback.  I would love to hear from readers on what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong.  I can be long-winded, though I do try to monitor this.

One blog I recently read spoke of letting her readers get to know her better.  In other words, she wanted to bring a bit more of her personality into her posts.

I pondered this then wondered if perhaps I’ve been a little too personal.  I haven’t brought just my personality to this thing but my daily existence and then some.

Was this a bit of turn off?  Others say they like a blog that can take you right into what the writer is feeling.  I may be guilty of having done this a time or two.

Many of the blogs I really admire do research on their topics.  They are skillfully put together and provoke thought and insight.

I tend to just write whatever is on my mind at any given moment.  Very little research goes into what I’m writing about.  If I am writing about a specific incident I will often check the facts…dates, times, names.  That sort of thing.

I started this blog to practice the art of being a good wordsmith.  I should try now to add some structure and discipline to the effort perhaps.

Many blogs over the past week speak of resolutions now that 2014 has arrived.  In fact, I have a writer’s group meeting tonight after work and we will be discussing our writing goals for the year ahead.  I will think on this.

I would like to make some changes.  Suggestions are most welcome!


14 thoughts on “Styling…

  1. Nancy,
    I love reading your blogs and the way you opened up your life for all to read was inspiring. I am glad that you are finally back on track with your health and life. I loved your Christmas story and hope more stories are to.follow it really touched my heart. I cannot wait to hear what you have been upto next. Perhaps an excerpt from the book you are writing would be


    • Thank you so much! I like the idea of leaving excerpts from the book. I know I have a few things to finalize but I think that is very doable. Glad that you don’t think I’ve been too exposed 🙂
      Happy New Year by the way.


      • Can’t wait if you do post excerpts and,will buy when you publish as I’m so it will be an interesting and inspirational read. Happy new year to you too.


  2. Nancy, you should consider reading the book I referenced in my post last week: Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World by Kristen Lamb. It has a great section on blogging and defining your personal brand, as well as other useful tips on developing your platform.


    • The book is a memoir, Helen. It will be a more in depth view of my formative years leading to present day. It is a look at how relations with our parents shape and influence us. I am now working on my first fictional novel and am seven chapters in. Definitely want to be finished the first draft of that before years end.


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