Firing up the Neurons…

free_your_mind-1920x1200The brain is back!  Yes, I am beginning to function in the relative term of normalcy once more.  It no longer takes me 10 minutes to figure out a joke!  I am back and able to discern and comprehend the jest within 5 minutes once again.  Yay!  And I can actually hold a thought longer than a nanosecond.

For the last four months I was feeling rather intimidated.  This head of mine that can hold and process a boat load of information with fabulous recall was failing.  I read articles that stated chemotherapy could affect the short term memory. The article pointed out as well that in some cases this could be permanent.

This really scared me.

As my memory seemingly evaporated at times, particularly when I was working or writing, I began to feel incredibly vulnerable.  What would happen if this ‘side-effect’ remained?

The brain is of course a muscle in many ways and needs to be exercised just as the rest of the body does.  And like the rest of my body the grey matter suffered during treatment.

December 4th was my last radiation treatment.  Over the last couple of weeks I feel as i though I am awakening from a long slumber.  I am a little achy yet but the energy is rushing through me, feeding every nerve ending and firing up the neurons.

On Saturday I did my first Yoga class in about six weeks.  On Sunday I went for my first run in over a month as well. And, oh, to just move again.  To feel the crisp morning air cool the body, to feel the motion of the body and the breath as it moves throughout.

I’ve got my work cut out for me to get back in shape but to still be able to do all of these things is truly a blessing for me.

I’ll take the weight off that accumulated during surgery and the subsequent treatment.

And I’ll continue to exercise this brain of mine.  Get it back in tip top condition.  With the new year now upon us, I’ve a book to release.  Gotta brush up on my photography and I’ve decided to take up hand drumming.

I am on the hunt for a Djembe drum.

A few years ago while I was practicing my Yoga from Prana Yoga College, I took a hand drumming class.  Pepe Danza and his wife Shakti Mha were the owners of Prana.

Pepe is a well-known percussionist.  He offered weekly group lessons and I decided to try it out.

After that one class it got into my blood and its been there ever since.  Of course, at the time I told myself I would take drumming up when I could find the time.  Now I tell myself, if you want this you’ll make the time.  And I want it.

When I think back to that class something was stirred deep within me. It was primal, exciting and the energy was electrifying.  I worked up one hell of sweat.  Didn’t have a clue what was happening to me but loved every moment.

The vibrations from the drum positioned between the legs just moved through my core. I had that odd sensation that I done this my entire life.

My focus will be on perfecting the things I am most passionate about.  I really want to work on not getting side tracked as so often happens.  I’ve a curious mind and if something catches my attention, often I am swayed to check it out.  That is not to say I shouldn’t but I need to just become a bit more disciplined in certain areas.

It feels good to be coming out of the storm relatively intact.

May the ebb and flow of the year ahead be a bit calmer.



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