Only in Vancouver

The blizzard of 2013 took place last night here in the Greater Vancouver region. While we were snug and warm in our beds dreaming the night away the snows descended upon our fair city.

Upon waking the horror was before us.  2 cm of snow! EGAD!

The choice was now to drive or use public transit.  I opted to leave my little steed at home (aka car).  Something happens to people in Vancouver during the first snowfall.  I don’t know what it is but they just drive like maniacs.  And while 2 cm of snow doesn’t sound like much, if there is black ice underneath it you’re going to have a lot of fender benders.

I do know how to drive in the snow but I had to make the choice of which would be the bigger headache and somehow driving won out from past experience.

My daughter and I bundled up and headed out to brave the elements.  We trudged heroically through wind and light snow that still fell, our faces turning a rosy hue.  We departed as I was taking a different line into the city.  I stepped onto the train platform having purchased my ticket only to find everyone being asked to get off the train that was docked there.  Now masses of people lined the way and a scratchy voice came over the PA system offering up an apology and a reason that I couldn’t quite make out.  The man next to me looked just a perplexed.

“Did you get that?” I queried.

“No, couldn’t make out a word.”  he offered.

Like me, I don’t think he is a daily transit user.  I assessed the situation.  If I stayed on this side I would be packed into a train at some point like a sardine.  This held little appeal so I headed over to the other track as I know I can transfer back to this line at the Broadway & Commercial hub.

The other gentleman followed my lead.

My annual public transit adventure had begun.

We whipped along and I gazed out into the dark of morning watching the traffic and waterways.  I saw new graffiti on the back of old buildings.  The train slammed on its brakes suddenly and came to a full stop.  We have no idea why this happened.  Throughout the ride in Skytrain control kept coming on the PA apologizing for the delays.  Due to the extreme weather conditions overnight they were unable to release the full fleet and were working to correct this.  They relayed this message several times.

I smiled at this.  Only in Vancouver…

We’ve had brutally cold temperatures on the coast for the past few weeks.  The mercury would dip to -10 at night and then with the wind chill.  Brrrr!

Now for those on the Prairies it may not sound that chilly but we have a different kind of cold.  Being on the ocean the air picks up the moisture in the air and it just cuts to the bone and stays there.

I made it downtown finally and began the walk to work.  I was feeling quite weak at one point.  I haven’t been able to keep much in the way of food in my system these days and had not yet had any breakfast so it was understandable.  I stopped for a moment at the top of the last set stairs to gather my strength.  I looked about me and everything had a light wash of snow on it.

Vancouver is so beautiful in the snow.

I closed my eyes for a moment and felt this city of mine envelop me and whisper “You don’t have too far to go. Come on, little one.”

As I walked down Robson Street the lights twinkled at me.  I went to the coffee shop and got my brew and a biscuit before finishing the final leg to work.

I’ve been in such an angry place lately with all of the cancer stuff.  Today reminded me to just let go of all of that.

Gotta get my healthy back!

Enjoy your day everyone…





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