Putting the ‘fry’ in Friday

I have been researching radiation therapy and discovering new stuff all the time.  When I see the doctor next week for my first check-in, the list of questions is a long one.  Some may even sound silly, but knowing the side effects and possibility of having permanent damage done is causing me to really look into things I can do to offset some of this.

Oddly enough, I am finding the radiation more difficult than the chemotherapy.  Some of the questions I have are as follows:

1) Would sunscreen be of benefit?

2) Can I use a natural lubricant vaginally rather than the store brands suggested?

3) Why am I advised not to eat fresh fruit and raw vegetables?

4) Should I adjust my diet only if flatulence (ie gas) becomes an issue?

5) Why is some information so conflicting?

6) If my skin becomes infected, treatment should be discontinued, yes?

7) What are some natural products that should be avoided (i.e. noticed lanolin is a no go)?

8) There is a statement saying that there is no evidence that Aloe Vera is beneficial?  Could it not still be used?

9) How does this impact my heart?

The other thing is they are wanting us to wear loose clothing.  I don’t have a lot of loose clothing and the last thing I want to do is go out and spend even more money.  Perhaps I should rock a moo-moo for a while.  Wonder if they have a pinstriped one for the work place?

Of course I have sweats and things of the like that I wear around the house, but at work I tend to go for a more ‘professional’ look.  And lately I have been very casual in my dress simply because of the weight gain. I purchased clothing that can be used at work and at play.

They advise us not to wear pantyhose so dresses are out.  Hmmm!

I was speaking with a co-worker yesterday about the anxiety I am feeling around going to the bathroom and doing the deed.  We began discussing movies where lasers and radiation flooded in boiling people and she brought up ‘Logan’s Run‘.

The beast of a machine flashed through my head and I saw myself being sliced and diced by this thing as I screamed in agony while I bubbled and brewed on the table.  (Yes, I have an over-active and at times creepy imagination)

Suffice to say after yesterday’s treatment they informed me my bladder was only 60% full.  But you know its tricky.  This is where the anxiety comes in. They want you to drink two big glasses of water 20-30 minutes before treatment.  It takes that long to fill your bladder.

When you get there you should have to urinate but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable.  That was precisely how I felt as well.

My appointment was at 11:10 AM.  I finished drinking my water at 10:45 AM. I arrived 11:00 AM and they took me in right away.

The previous day I had to wait a little longer so it really is balancing act here.  Had I sat for another 10 minutes then likely my bladder would have been full at that point.

By the way, I am officially sick of water.

I won’t natter on too much about this.  Just wanted to make a point or two.  For anyone going through this type of thing, ask questions!  If you know of anyone going through cancer treatment encourage them to ask questions.

Oddly enough I am having problems still with the radiation side of things but we are in it now.

In any case, over the next little while I am going to discuss some of my favourite movies along with some of the most ghastly forms of cinema I’ve seen.  Hopefully this will be a fun topic.  Have an awesome day!

I need to belly up to the water cooler to fill the tank.




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