Back to Basics

My hair is beginning to sprout new hair.  In a couple of weeks I might well look like a mad scientist.  The blond hairs are really long and the darker hair is simply fuzz.  It will be interesting to see what I end up with.

I kicked it up a notch at the gym today.  My legs are tight from running yesterday, but in a good way.  I am really going to focus on cardio and core.  I can toss in free weights for the upper body and the leg press for the lower body.  I am also putting lunges back into the mix.

I did a few this morning, though it is debatable if they were lunges as I didn’t make it all the way down.  Felt a bit like the Tin Man while doing them.

Still it is back to basics and build from there.

It feels so wintery outside today. The beautiful sunshine is very deceiving.  I pranced out in my short pants and felt the sting of cold on my bare legs.  Still, I warm up fast and there really is something very exhilarating about a crisp Autumn morning.

The other challenge I am throwing down for myself is a specific diet, no wine or beer (can’t do this during radiation anyway) and really healthy choices.  I figure since I am doing NaNoWriMo (unofficially), I will just be dedicated this month to writing and wellness.

I have been a hermit before and I shall do so for the next six weeks.

Also, Christmas is creeping up rather quickly so I will save a few dollars that will later be spent on family and friends.  My daughter and I are looking at going to Vegas for a few days just before Christmas to unwind.

This year has gone by quickly.  Not quite how I anticipated the year to unfold when first it began.  Still, I’ve developed an even deeper love for this life.  I’ve much I want to see, much I want to experience, much I want to achieve.  Best to get to it.

I will make the things happen that I have worked so hard for.  Just going to dive into this life and enjoy it.

I heard a comment at the gym this morning that you have likely all heard.

“You never know when you’re numbers going to up, so make the most of each day.”

I smiled at the notion.  Gonna do just that.

Enjoy!  Peace.





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