It Starts Here

I woke this Sunday to a beautiful fall morning.  A brilliant blue sky had emerged from behind iron grey clouds that cast the lower mainland in a torrential downfall pretty much all day yesterday.  I decided today would be my return to running.

I did a yoga class yesterday that was pretty intense and while I haven’t been to the gym as often as I would like, I’m getting there.

My toes are still a little numb.  The sensation is minimal though.  This would be a walk/run in any case.  I have only run twice in the 4 1/2 months since the surgery.  I am all set up for the radiation treatments which will be starting in a couple of weeks.

I just want all of this to be done.  There has been an odd impatience as of late.

I’ve noted lately is that I have begun to feel rather irritable with all the poking and prodding.  Oh, you need more blood?  Oh, you need to put another mega needle in me?  Oh, you need to poke about my vagina a bit more?

My daughter smiled the other day at my rant about the nurses being unable to find my veins, but it can be frustrating.  I have deep veins that are small also known as ‘rollers’.  I make it a point to tell this to anyone who is going to attempt to draw blood out of me.  There is a huge ‘ick’ factor to having someone put a needle in you then begin to probe with said needle to find the vein they thought was there as it seemingly just disappears.

I shouldn’t complain and usually I don’t.  I think the fatigue experienced and the challenge to stay focused has worn on me a bit.

So this morning I thought I would try the feet out.  See if they were up for it.  They were.  I’ve got my work cut out though.  My core has lost a lot of strength.  This makes sense though considering that I had surgery and couldn’t do anything for a couple months afterward.

Still I had some really good long stretches where I ran it out for a good kilometer or more.  I did the 5 KM route and it took me about 45 minutes. Not too bad at all.

I want to put together a workout regiment now that will focus on core strength and losing this additional 20 lbs. that accumulated over the past few months.

I have missed running.  It felt good on the two long stretches that I got in.  Yes, the lower back and hips are tight but damn, despite the pain, I love the movement.  I know it will get better and better.  I’ll get stronger.  In a way I am starting over, but the difference this time is I know where this will take me.

I got my submission in for the CBC Short Story Contest.  Worked really hard on it.  At 1,500 words it is a challenge to tell a story in such a short span.  And in fact, you can’t really tell a story but rather share an event in a story.  The non-fiction portion will begin December 1st and I’ll enter that as well.  Might as well.  It is a good exercise.

Then we have NaNoWriMo this month.  I will give it a shot unofficially.  I’ve got the new book that I am working on and I am five chapters in.  So I am going to check my word count which I think is about 20,000 words and see if by the end of November I can have 70,000 plus words.  That would see the first draft at 75% complete.

I am just going to fight to get back on track to where I was prior to this whole cancer thing.  It feels longer than five months that I have been sucked in and consumed with all of this. And I just want it to be done.

Still, I am elated that I can introduce running back into the equation.

Enjoy your day.


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