The Marketing Files: Psst…Have I got a deal for You!

It is an interesting practice, this thing called sales.  How do you convince the buying public to purchase a product? First, you need to know your market.

I am a writer, so of course I want to sell my work.  First thing I must do is assess my own work and decide who and where the target market is.  If I can generate interest in this area it may trickle out into other areas of the market as well.

Regarding my blog, for example, while I have written, written and written some more, I have not interacted with my readers or fellow bloggers very well.  In a sense, I’ve been in my little corner of the world talking to myself and hoping that someone would take interest.  Some of you have and I thank you.

As I’ve perused some of the successful blogs on this forum, I’ve found the one thing that is glaringly consistent is how much commentary these sites generate.  Mine does not.  The other thing of note is that I write about whatever I happen to be thinking about. Yes, there has been some consistency with my training for the 1/2 marathon and with my health issues, however, I do note that successful blogs tend to have a general theme overall.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually really like the majority of the posts I’ve published on this site.  I would not have posted them otherwise.  Perhaps it is simply a question of presentation.

I have updated my site from its original format and added several more widgets, tags and stuff.  I love the terms they come up with for these things, though I am typically slow off the mark understanding what they are, let alone what they do.

The other aspect that I’ve looked at is why a site is popular.  Just because it has generated a great deal of interest,  a popular blog is not always well written or really all that interesting.  Yet, they’ve created a hook to get you in the door and managed to make you stay for a while.  Visually these sites are appealing and they are extremely welcoming on some level as well.

I gave thought to some of the products over the years that created an odd hysteria with the buying public.

Pet Rocks, for example.  For about a year these were all the rage.  They disappeared as quickly as they came though.  I actually used to see people walking their Pet Rocks on the Seawall here in Vancouver.  The marketer had several accessories for your rock.  Beds, rock cozies, carriages, leashes, etc.

Who remembers the Cabbage Patch Dolls?  That was downright scary.  My daughter was about two years old when these hit the market.  That Christmas I was standing in the toy department of Woodward’s.  I was holding one of these dolls, reading the box and trying very hard to understand the appeal.  I put it down for a moment to adjust my purse and a woman grabbed it from behind me.

Surprised and a little startled, I turned and she had the most demonic look in her eye as she clutched the doll to her chest.  If I wanted it back, I’d have to fight her.  Of that I was certain.  I wasn’t interested in purchasing the doll anyway, just curious about the strange appeal this product had.

Tickle Me Elmo had the same impact.  I can’t recall the store I was in but I do recall a clerk coming out with a crate on a flatbed dolly.  The clerk got the box open and then the crowd descended, rapidly and without mercy.  I stood transfixed several feet away watching as people pushed and shoved and yelled at each other.  Within a few short minutes the box was empty.  Those who had not been so fortunate as to get one of these little gems, stared expectantly at the clerk who had backed himself onto the shelving where he stood gripping it, shaken and a little overwhelmed.

Whose to say why these items generate the interest that they do?  The same can be said for books.  Some of the titles from my youth that I recall going viral were Fear of Flying, Future Shock, Carnal Knowledge, The Happy Hooker, etc.  Three of the books were sexually explicit and rather taboo topically.  And in a sense I do understand their appeal.  They were breaking new ground.

In any case, I know I have to start shaking hands and kissing babies.  Oops!  That’s wrong.  I’m not a politician.

Step one will be to become a social butterfly in the blogging world. 🙂  I’ll be the Belle of the Blog!

Also, I would love to get any feedback, comments or suggestions that you may have.  They are always welcomed and appreciated.

Enjoy your day!






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