Finding Funny

I would like to thank everyone who sent me funny videos and comments yesterday on my quest to find funny.

Darting out of the house yesterday morning I grabbed my camera deciding to go for a walk at lunch and catch some of the glory that I see on a daily basis.  And the colours this year, my God, they are beautiful!

We have been blessed with absolutely fabulous weather to boot.  It is getting cold though.  I suspect we could be in for a real chiller this winter.

Autumn 2013 021_aAt lunch I grabbed a sandwich at Whole Foods Market. This is the view from their heated deck which is open all year long.   The trees are just on fire around Vancouver right now.  The thing too is that they are losing their leaves really fast this year!  This shot really isn’t a great indicator of this but a week ago most of these trees were still green.  Autumn 2013 123Autumn 2013 112Autumn 2013 051

I then went on a shorter version of one of the many routes I take during my lunch hour when I go for my walks.  Due to the fact that I was taking photos, I thought it may be prudent to reduce the length of the walk.  I had a busy morning at work.  I will today as well.  And so I thought for this post I would share with all of you the beauty of Vancouver in autumn.

Above are some of the trees in various states of undress.  Of course the evergreen, and its just a baby, will remain as such all year.  As stated some trees are almost bare while others are preparing to lose their foliage.

Autumn 2013 079Autumn 2013 092Autumn 2013 106

The first in this series is the view from Davie Street at Denman Street.  This is English Bay which is one of my favorite places in the City.  The next is Delaney’s Coffee House on Denman Street where I get my coffee after a solid workout at my gym in the morning.  It is just a few blocks up from English Bay and my gym is just a block further down.  The last image is further down toward Coal Harbour on Denman Street and this little restaurant is indicative of the type of shops and eateries you’ll find in the West End of Vancouver.

Autumn 2013 064Autumn 2013 071

Many buildings around the City have murals painted on them.  One of these days I would love to just drive around on a Saturday afternoon photographing them.  Every area of the city has these gems.  The first one is on the side of Lord Robertson Elementary School on Bidwell Street in the West End.  The second is on the back and side of a coffee shop on Davie Street called The Red Umbrella.  This is the view upon approach along Bidwell Street onto Davie Street.

Autumn 2013 099Autumn 2013 056_aAutumn 2013 109

Again the colours are just fabulous, yes?  The first in this series was taken as I made my way down Denman Street.  I am in the middle of the intersection looking north down Haro Street.  The second is a bush on Bidwell and the last I am heading back to my office on Alberni Street.  This is just off of Denman.

And I must say, the crispness in the air was revitalizing!  I had a big ol’ smile on my face and lo and behold I came around the corner and who do you think I found?  Funny was lurking in the bushes peeking out at me!

Welcome back funny!

Autumn 2013 060_A


6 thoughts on “Finding Funny

    • I know…I need to get into the habit more often of bringing it with me. I don’t know how many times I’ll be out walking and think ‘that would be a great picture!’

      Congrats on your book Sonya! I will for sure download a copy! Are you going to have a book launch?


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