Searching for Funny

This week I decided that my next post on here had to be genuinely humorous in nature. I have been rather absent this week, yes?

Each post that I began may have begun with that intent in mind, but somehow the fog in my head extended to the words being written as seemingly being pulled from the depths of hell.  Funny soon became macabre and so I would then abandon said post and search once more for funny.

Now I should know that you can’t force funny…it has to be organic and spontaneous, doesn’t it?

I had a great long weekend with two turkey dinners amongst fabulous company.  I worked on the new book, went and snapped a few photos trying to capture the essence of Autumn.  Sounds like a perfume, doen’t it?.  Hmmm.  Whatever shall I call it?

Still, I am a erratic with making it to the gym.  Energy levels are a little wonky and I am joyfully fighting a cold.

If I didn’t feel like I was entering into the zombie apocalypse before, I certainly do now.  I can’t afford to take time off work as I have already amassed a great deal of time off.  Besides the majority of people here at the office have the same cold that I am battling and this is likely this where I contracted it.  ‘Tis the season, don’t you know.

It was extremely foggy driving in this morning.  Kind of mirrored the grey matter in my head.  Seems I have these poor thoughts that are aimlessly moving about up there but just can’t seem to make it to the surface or connect.  Oye!

Fatigue is an odd thing.  I was told I could sleep for 24 hours and still be tired.  And not just tired but drunkenly tired.  It’s the waking up part these days that is the challenge.  I typically bounce out of bed.  Okay, okay…I don’t really bounce…I eject myself forcibly…well, that’s not right either.  I get up sleepily, okay?

These mornings though I feel like I am having to swim up through a long, dark tunnel.  I can see the wakened state from a distance but have to fight to get there.  Sometimes I don’t feel like fighting.

A co-worker told me a joke yesterday and I am usually on it.  It took me several seconds to realize that she’d told a joke let alone respond to it!  And this is what the past few weeks have been like.  Searching for funny has turned into a bitch-fest on my part.

I remember reading that memory could be effected with chemo. Admittedly I haven’t been as sharp as I usually am but I am progressing each day.  In a couple of weeks time I should be almost back to normal.  At least that is the hope. Yet, I do know how fortunate I am.  A friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer and has undergone a double mastectomy and has had to endure 24 rounds of chemo to date.

I have read some of my fellow bloggers posts regarding their battle with cancer.  Some have endured years of painful after effects as a result of their treatments.

And even though I know I technically have the right to complain, I don’t want to.  When I do it is usually in the silly fashion that I am displaying in this post.

But again, I digress.  I was searching for funny.  I know I left it laying around here somewhere. I will toddle off and see if I can’t get funny to come out and play with me.  I miss it.

When I find it you’ll be the first to know and if you should come across funny, please tell it I want it to come back.  Thanks.

Peace out, everyone.



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