What’s Out There?

NebulaeThe first images back from the Hubble telescope astounded us.  Nebulae and clouds of unimaginable beauty flirted with our imaginations. Gazing up at the night sky now and knowing that it is not just this empty expanse but so rich in everything makes me ask the question yet again that we all do.  What is out there?

I have an interest in the sciences. No, I am not an academic.  Not even close but if I have an interest in something and it’s explained in a manner where I can get a visual on the concept then I am good to go.  It is a strange way to learn I suppose.  One that was frustrating during school.  I could read a book over and over again but if it didn’t stimulate a visual then the information just didn’t stick.

For many years I regarded myself as sadly lacking in the intellect department.  It was during my year at college studying to be an accountant that how I learned came to light.  I was terrified at the prospect of Algebra.  In high school I sank faster than the Titanic when it came to math.  I just didn’t have a head for it.

And here I was looking to be an accountant? Prior to the course starting I met with my instructor, Wayne and explained my situation.  He was the first to tell me it was likely that I was a visual learner and that I should have no problems in his class as he taught in a visual manner.

I was a bit confounded by this at first, but from day one in his class it became apparent that he was indeed correct.  Writing the full algebraic equation on the board, his explanation of each value and their role and that it was simply a matter of finding out what was missing.  So we were detectives in a sense.

GalaxyA whole new world opened to me suddenly.  And now, if I have an interest in something of more of a scientific nature I don’t shy away.  If the contents of what I am reading is just too academic then I’ll put it away and see if I can find something with more of a relaxed interpretation.  This was how I found Bruce Cathie’s work.

He was a pilot in the New Zealand armed forces I believe.  Witnessing several UFO’s sightings back in the early 1950’s, he began researching not only the phenomena but also points where they appeared and disappeared.  Seeing that a pattern was emerging, he expanded upon this and then took Einstein’s theory of relativity further.

UniverseBruce would discover that Einstein too had taken his theory further, yet it was withheld and never released to the public. The information that he gathered and expanded upon drew the interest of intelligence agencies worldwide.  Not only would he learn that they had also been researching and studying much of the same information he was discovering, but they made quite an effort to discredit him.

Reading his material can be a challenge as it contains several equations that I am not certain of but his explanation of these equations provides a visual for me.  When he speaks of energy, mass and light speed in some strange way it just manages to connect with me.

He may well have the calculated how to travel into deep space.

Its called the Harmonic Code.  Bruce Cathie devoted his life to researching the topic of the magnetic field that surrounds our Earth.  And this is knowledge that he always passed on to the general public.  He felt the world community should be privy to this information.

In June of this 2013 year, Bruce passed away.  He was in his 80’s.

Knowledge is a powerful thing.  There is a wealth of information that certain people feel the general public should not have access to.  Why?

Nebulae2In any case, there is this expanse out there.  We get to see the images that are deemed accessible for the general populace.  They say that light is creation.  Well if that’s true, then there is whole lotta creations out there.

Have we been visited?  Oh, yes.  I have no doubt.  Hollywood would have us believe that aliens want to take over the world and assimilate us.  Don’t believe it.  If they had wanted to do that it would have been done a long time ago.

Not too long ago I had a dream about the crop circles.  In my dream I was seeing them in 3D perhaps a 4D as well.  I knew that they were a language.   A neighboring galaxy and it’s beings were sharing vital information about energy that could propel all of our vehicles as well as take us into deep space.  The crop circles provided detailed information as to how to harness this energy and engage it for use.

I woke from that dream just blown away by the details.  The energy form was a naturally occurring substance thing that could be harnessed and propelled through water and a certain engine constructed would utilize it.

So I don’t know if there is any truth to this but what cool idea.  As stated, I am not a learned individual.  Due to difficulties at home, I only got so far as Grade 10 before ending up on my own.  I went to college having applied as a mature student.   To study Accounting and/or Bookkeeping a high school diploma was not required though desired.

Everything else that I have learned over the years has been just out of my own curious interest.  And it really is exciting when I feel like I’ve stumbled upon some little piece of the puzzle.

All knowledge should be shared.  Oh, I know there are factions out there that have their mindset in the dark ages and would use certain information in a destructive manner.  I hope at some point we can as a race move past this ideology.  At some point we really should learn to how to live together on this planet of ours.

I have been told that the Earth’s core is crystal.  I don’t know if this is true.  It it is, then the energy that it attracts and holds makes all kinds of sense.

In any case, I had best get back to work.  Enjoy your day and if you’re like me at all, when you look up at the night sky, smile and wave at whoever may be looking back.




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