There’s a Pill for that…

Driving home last night I listened to several ads on the radio.  The common theme these days are items promoting health and I use the term loosely here.  I got home and had dinner, made my tea and curled up on the sofa for an hour to just unwind before turning in.

My days can be long.

And just has the radio had spouted ads regarding health, the television is even worse.

Need to lose weight?  There’s a pill for that.

Can’t get it up? There’s a pill for that.

Depressed that you can’t get it up…or just depressed?  There’s a pill for that.

And if your depression medication isn’t working, well there is a pill to help you out there too.

Can’t sleep, can’t wake up, your head is pounding, you’ve got a cold or the flu, or is your back sore perhaps?  You know there’s a pill for that.

At the end of each commercial a speed talker moves in to whip through the list of ‘possible side-effects’.  It’s enough to make your head spin.

The weight thing is a multi-billion dollar industry.  And sadly as soon as the latest craze is announced the population of dieters and the like just lunge at the chance that this will be the miracle pill that holds to its promise of giving you the body you’ve always dreamed of having.

I know why I am overweight currently.  I know also what I have to do to rid myself of said weight.  I need to eat a healthy diet and exercise.  The other thing that is a must is understanding why you overeat in the first place.  It is not a ‘comfort food’ thing.  It really isn’t.  We overeat to fill an emotional void or to deny that one exists in the first place.

When I had surgery earlier this summer for two months I could not do any exercise. Hell, I wasn’t allowed to even lift grocery bags or laundry baskets.  I wish I could tell you that I didn’t revert to old behaviour patterns at times, but I did.  I’ve discussed the frustration felt that I seemingly give in so easily to these behaviours that crop up.  I just have to continue to work through each issue as it arises and I do.

The other thing of note is that my body is currently in defensive mode, so its hanging onto every ounce of energy I give it which translate into weight gain.  So I am well aware that while I had some sessions where I definitely ate too much…the other side of the coin really was health related.

Having the reproductive organs removed is a shock to the body, then filling it with toxic waste and the final will be zapping it with radiation.  Yup, I can kinda of see why my body is layering up these days.

This has been a tough week.  The last chemo session definitely had more of a kick to it.  I experienced fatigue in all its glory.  Not fun.  I felt like I was wearing moon boots all weekend and that gravity had somehow increased exponentially.  I could not feel my feet at all and tired, my God, at times the eyes just would not stay open.  Trying to remain focused on anything that required minimal use of the grey matter seemed an impossibility.

I was zoned out, man!

This is passing now and the fog is lifting.  I won’t have to experience this again.

Back to the point of this post today.  We seemingly just want to deal with the symptoms and not the cause.  Take a pill and it will make it better.

If you are suffering from depression, find out why.  Sometimes it is a chemical imbalance, sometimes its hereditary, sometimes its trauma related.  Any medication should be short-term unless there is truly a chemical imbalance.  Still we are finding that diet and exercise can and do improve depression dramatically as well.

Impotence can be related to any number of things.  Lack of diet and exercise, as well as consumption of alcohol, poor sleeping patterns, stress, etc.

Viagra and drugs of that nature have us convinced that once the guy can get it up and screw all night long that house will be a happy place indeed.  What’s frightening is they now have a pill for a woman though I really am not too sure what its supposed to do.  Sex starts in the brain.  That is the part of the body that initiates the whole thing.  If there is a disconnect between your neurons and penis, please find out why that is.

We except far too easily that this stuff is good for us.  Much of it is actually quite dangerous.  And then if you start to mix medications the results can be devastating.  I also want to mention that supplements can be harmful as well.  For example, too much Vitamin C is not a good.  In fact, it can be lethal.  Vitamin C allows the body to store Iron.  Store too much Iron as a result of too much Vitamin C and this can result in damage to your organs which can eventually lead to failure with your liver or kidneys.

The most immediate signs of Vitamin C overdose are diarrhea, really yellow urine and abdominal cramping.

Yet, we take these things thinking we are indeed assisting the body.  There is the old adage ‘don’t fix what’s not broken’.  If you have deficiency, know the symptoms.   Also, discuss how much you should be taking with a medical professional and look to some foods that may indeed be able to assist with low levels of whatever it is your body is lacking.

If you are not satisfied with your doctor’s analysis, get a second opinion.

This is true for many supplements as well so please, ensure that you ask questions and do your research before taking anything!

We always look for the quick fix though, don’t we?  The band-aid solution.  Well, there’s a pill just about everything it would seem.  What I am walking away with from this cancer experience is a total new appreciation for the body that houses me and just how resilient it is.  Yes, it’s a bit of mess right now but soon the assault on it is complete and I can just let it heal. In the meantime I’ll forgo the pills and try to feed it the nutrients it needs and get the body moving.

Enjoy your day and remember to ask questions!




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