Go Out Dancing….


Last night one of my guilty pleasures began on television.  Yes, another season of ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ made its debut.  I curled up on my sofa to check out the candidates and was thoroughly impressed.  Amber and Jack were fabulous.  I personally thought Bill Nye shook his booty, albeit awkwardly, a hell of lot more than the football player who seemed to just pose and wiggle his butt from time to time.

Then out came Valerie Harper.  There has been a bit of a dust up leading up to the new season on why DWTS would want a woman of 73 years of age who has terminal brain cancer on the show.

Well for one thing Valerie at one time was a dancer in her youth.  It is a passion of hers and she danced a beautiful fox trot last night.

I was in tears by the end of her performance. The pleasure on her face as she danced and radiance of her spirit just moved through me.

What I saw was a woman who has reconciled the fact that she doesn’t have much time on this earthly plane and she is simply living each day to its fullest. I can totally dig that.

And we only have this moment.  There are no guarantees that tomorrow will come our way so yes, embrace all that you have right now.

The participants on the show have a grueling practice schedule.  Perhaps that is why I like this show.  They actually have to commit 100% and work really hard to succeed in this arena.  It is definitely a popularity contest to some degree as well, but I have never seen anyone win this thing without being highly deserving.

I hope that Valerie will make it through to the end regardless of whether she is still on or has been voted off.  I am certain if she has issues that come up that she will withdraw from the competition.

I love to dance myself, though I am not really all that good at it. I am a Bill Nye type of dancer.  Arms and legs tend to move at their own volition in any number of directions as various other body parts have moments of spasmodic movement grip them and twist and contort to whatever the beat may be.

There is a playfulness to dance.  We did it as children, our first interaction with the opposite sex might well have come about through dance and many a Saturday night were devoted to finding a great band to rock the night away.

I hope Valerie has good run on the show.  What I have discovered about this whole cancer thing is that you really need to just carry on with your life as much as possible.  It is easy to let the fear of this thing consume and control your every waking thought.  Don’t let it do this.  Fight back and take control of your life.

The journey that I began a few years ago to face my fears, tear down the walls of isolation and embrace my passions now has a clarity and focus that I have never experienced before. I will continue to chase this path and can only hope that I am granted a long life.  In the meantime, I’ll take it one day at a time.

To Valerie, you will continue to shine. Your beauty and grace are an inspiration. Go out dancing, honey!





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