It is another beautiful morning.  I drove in at 5:15 AM with my daughter.  She went to do her workout and I headed off to mine.  By the time I found myself perched upon the stationary bike I was beginning to experience a few ‘side effects’ as a result of the chemo.  I am just a little queasy and my mouth is beginning to feel numb as is the rest of me.

My workout kind of stalled then.  I tried to do some lighter exercises on the mat but my body just wasn’t digging it.  So I laid on my back staring up at the sky and wondered for the millionth time when they were going to clean the windows.

These sensations will pass soon enough.  My feet are once more a bit more numb than they were yesterday.  Tuesday’s session is starting to kick in.  At least I know what to expect and can manage it.

At the moment I am at my office doing some deep breathing to work this through and yes, just the breathing is assisting in alleviating the current symptoms.

Oddly enough I am thinking of an old movie called ‘The Fantastic Voyage.’  It was made in the late 1960’s I believe.  They shrank a team of doctors and their ship in a Petri dish.  They were then injected into their patient’s blood stream.  I can’t recall what was the matter with the dude but the team, described as ‘four men and a beautiful girl’ enter into the body and actually have diving gear as they leave the ship and swim around inside this guy.

Again I am not too certain why they are doing this.  I think it was part exploratory and part saving the guys life.

Raquel Welch was the beautiful girl by the way.  At one point she is attacked by anti-bodies looking at eradicating the intrusion of these ‘aliens’ on the body.  It was a very weird movie. Basically the trials and tribulations as they traversed the bloodstream. I watched them getting caught up in the lining of the lungs and being sucked into the powerful rhythm of the heart beat.

Seems like an awfully expensive thing to do in order to operate on someone.  Not at all efficient and as we discovered in the movie, very dangerous…not just for the patient, but for the team of doctors as well.

They were successful in their mission and again I really cannot recall what was wrong with the fellow.  There was a room full of guys at ‘mission control’ headquarters.  For sure, inflation had not yet hit and the cost of medicine was obviously affordable.

The queasiness has now passed, however, I’m still numb.

My sense of smell has been kicked up a notch or two.  One of the women we share our office with came to discuss a carton of cream in the fridge.  I went back to the kitchen with her and she held the carton open.

‘Do you think it’s turning?’ she asked me.

I was easily two feet away and yes, it most definitely was turning bad.

Managing an office is tough work I tell you.  Making sure that people have fresh cream for their coffee is of the utmost importance.  Hell, do you know what its like if everyone comes in and they’re not caffeinated?  Let me assure you, it could get ugly.

Of course, I am having a little fun with this analogy but its time to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

Ha! Ha! Not wearing any!

Have a great day.  I am thinking that I may have a few brain cells that are numb right about now too.




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