Rolling, rolling, rolling…hear that Thunder Rolling!

What I light show last evening!  For well over an hour the skies over the Greater Vancouver area lit up.  I love watching storms.  I was driving over to James’ office last night to work on his books when the first flash of lightening streaked across the sky directly in my line of vision causing me to be a wee bit blinded for the moment.

Then the crack of thunder rumbled angrily above. The clouds became even more ominous in colour.  They now had that deep grey and greenish hue to them.  With the next flash of lightening and crash of thunder the skies opened up and the rain came down in a torrent.  Roads were quickly turning into rivers from the deluge.

As I made my way home a few hours later the majority of the storm had passed.  They move so swiftly, don’t they?  The torrential rain remained thought it was strange as I would pass through a cell that required my windshield wipers to be on triple speed then the next moment hardly anything and a 1/2 mile later it was back to sheets of rain.

Left in its wake was a sky that seemed to be on fire.  It held a smoldering red hue to it.  Man, it was so beautiful!

This had been a good week.  My energy levels are increasing and I am sleeping much better.  I have made it to the gym all week.  The routine is starting to settle back into place.  We’ve been experimenting with new recipes at home and are coming up with some keepers. Last night was a quinoa, vegetable (red cabbage, carrot, kale, onion stir-fried) and baked salmon mix with a little peanut sauce tossed in to spice it up.   Exceptionally tasty.

I am scheduled for my second round of chemo on Tuesday.  These past few weeks have been surprisingly good.  Other than the bottom of my feet still feeling slightly numb I’ve had no other ill effects so I hope my body will continue to respond in this manner.

My hair has begun to come out.  The last few days quite a bit has come out.  It is a strange thing. I began to style it the other day.  I have fine hair but I have a lot of it.  So picked up the back portion and started to tease it gently as I always do to give my hair a little volume.  A moment later most of the hair was now detached and embedded in my brush and I was holding just a few strands.

As I finished up this morning it looked as though I have had my hair cut a little shorter.  It looks fine but I am now carrying the wig with me.  You never know…I may walk out and wind my come up and just blow my remain locks away.  It doesn’t hurt at all though my scalp has had a mild ache to it the past few days…a subtle headache?

Last night on the drive home I had a moment of very strong emotion sweep over me.  Just for a second the tears pushed at the back of my eyes then retreated.  None fell.  A few nights ago I stopped by The Right Shoe where my running clinic operates from  I just wanted to say ‘hi’ to a few people and let Lara know that it would be a few more months before I could get back to running again.

When I left the store, I did cry. I miss it.  I miss it a lot. It is amazing how much running has become such a vital part of my life.  I am caring for my feet though.  Keeping them warm and putting lotion on and rubbing them daily.

Next week I will likely shave my head.  The thing is when it starts to come out it just gets messy.  It is all over the floor, the sink, on my sofa, my pillow.  You get the idea.  I don’t look like a zombie just yet and plan on taking the razor to it before I get to that point.

I may go get my passport photo done this weekend though.  We can now renew for 10 years and I don’t know that I want a picture where I have the wig on.

This weekend I am participating in a 5 KM walk for the BC SPCA which is raising funds for animals in need.  Gotta take care of our furry friends.

Have a fabulous day everyone and thanks again for stopping by.



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