Dancing in the Rain

Last night my daughter and I attended the Foreigner concert here in Vancouver.  It was at our annual P.N.E. Fair.  Several years ago they started the Summer Night Concert series.  For the price of admission, which is in the $15-$20 range, you can see the show for free, along with everything else the Fair has to offer.  They also have a pass for $42.50 which allows you admission as many times as you want to the Fair.  Hell of a good deal.  A few years back I purchased the pass and went to five concerts, my friend’s birthday party and made the annual trek with my daughter to see the sights.

The talent that they are bringing in gets more impressive year after year.  My daughter and I have for several years made it a point to take in at least one of the shows together.  Two years ago it was Hall & Oates. Last year was Heart and this year, well….we decided upon Foreigner.

Foreigner has been the best concert we’ve seen to date.  They played for an hour and a half.  Twelve songs were offered up, a drum solo, keyboard solo and saxophone solo were offered up.  The line up of songs is listed below though not in the order they were sung.  We knew the words to all of them.

I Want To Know What Love Is
Waiting For A Girl Like You
Double Vision
Hot Blooded
Feels Like The First Time
I Don’t Want To Live Without You
Say You Will
Cold As Ice
That Was Yesterday
Dirty White Boy
Head Games
Long, Long Way From Home
Jukebox Hero

They were beyond fabulous.  Mick Jones, who is one of the founders of the band came out and rocked us with his lead guitar solo.  Man, can he play!

Kelly Hansen, on lead vocals, is a powerhouse of energy.  At one point he climbed up one of the metal trusses supporting the stage structure and dangled off of it like a school boy as he gazed adoringly at the audience.  And this man’s voice is absolutely incredible!  He is 52 years old and yet seems ageless to me.

Michael Bluestein who was on keyboards recently went through his own battle with cancer.  And he was up there just diggin’ it.  He was playing that keyboard with such a passion and I think that’s the key to this band.  Their passion for what they do is infective.

We stood and danced the entire time. We sang along with the band for pretty much every song.  Closing the show with an encore, the band performed ‘Hot Blooded’.  The audience screamed along in unison; fists pumping, hands waving, bodies grooving to the beat and our adrenaline soaring as the band worked us into a fervor.

Half way through the song the skies opened up and the rain came down in a torrent. We just kept dancing and singing.  For me, it was absolutely delicious!  The song came to an end and we clapped and screamed our approval.

Foreigner’s parting words before taking their leave…”Thank you Vancouver!  We made you wet!”



If you live in Vancouver then you know to always have an umbrella with you because one just never knows.  We whipped them out as we began to depart though we were already effectively drenched, still the smiles remaining firmly intact.

And as everyone began their exodus from the P.N.E. Fair for the night I felt a wash of delight, gratitude and love just move through me.  How fortunate am I?

A week after my first chemo session and I just rocked out to Foreigner AND got caught in the rain!  How good is that?  There is something about music though that feeds the spirit and keeps it young.  At least for this gal.

Making our way back to the car I was asked.

“How are your feet feeling, Mom?”

I smiled at my daughter. “You know, they feel kind of the way my feet always feel after we come the P.N.E…tired but okay.”

As I slipped off to sleep somewhere around the midnight hour, there was an ageless and timeless quality to the night.  My spirit felt free and energized.  Rejuvenated by the music and cleansed by the rain.

And as I rose this morning I thought of all this illness has taught me.  I could very well have been consumed by it.  When first its name was revealed it did consume me for a time. And the fear that accompanies that consumption can be overwhelming.

What I have realized though is I must appreciate and go after all that I have a passion for.  I have one shot at this life.  One shot to do the things that matter to me.  One shot to become the person I envision.  One shot to try to make a positive difference in this world.

This bout with Cancer has reinforced the journey I began a few years back to become a whole and fully functioning being on every level to the best of my ability.  Like the demons from past traumas that I have been addressing and casting out, so shall it be with this Cancer.

And I will run again.  I will know optimum health and I will dance in the rain again. Of this, I am certain.

Peace out everyone.


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