A Time for Change

Filtering through radios, TV’s and over the internet yesterday was the wave of objection toward Mylie Cyrus’ performance at the VMA’s on Sunday evening.  Curious I checked out what all the hullabaloo was about.  In all honesty, I was a bit perplexed.  There has been far more provocative and sexually explicit shockers in the past few years than this girl dancing about in an ill-fitting vinyl bra and underwear shaking her deal breaker.

It didn’t really shake all the much either…it just kinda quivered.  I think there is real confusion out there for women in general about their sexuality.  Perhaps for men as well.  I don’t know.  I see these young women more than willing to doff their clothing and you know I find nothing wrong in this.  Not at all. There is a freedom to be had in just enjoying your naked self.

What I have been seeing though is young women, particularly performers, who do this almost as rite of passage of sorts.  That it is somehow necessary as they move forward with their careers.

Very odd.

Displaying your naked self does not necessarily have to have sexual undertones to it.  One of the most beautiful dances in the world is the Kokoro Dance.  I believe it originated in Japan.  I saw this performed for the first time several years ago at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

I was mesmerized.  A woman and man both completely naked and both having their heads shaved moved in slow, methodical rhythms moving around each other, yet never touching.  They came within inches of each other.  At no time was I, nor anyone else for that matter, focused on their nudity.  And no one appeared uncomfortable at all.

It was breathtakingly beautiful and so rich in spirit.  The energy emitted from these two performers was spellbinding.  For 90 minutes they performed.  And when it was finished I wanted more.  They received a standing ovation from the several hundred onlookers who were drawn into this event.  I was a volunteering at the Art Gallery at the time and that was their inaugural FUSE event.

It has become very popular.

The human form is a remarkable instrument.  I love to dance but I know that I don’t move very well.  Much of my inability to dance in a graceful and soulful manner is due to the fact that I am still harbouring traumas and pain at a cellular level.  I have been working on this though and I continue to improve.

Know your body and its rhythms and it will serve you well.

If there is one thing that I am taking from this whole cancer experience is the awareness it has created about my person.  On the drive in this morning my daughter and I discussed the continued modifications of our daily intake.  I commented that I want to try going gluten free for a month.  We discussed that even as this awareness surrounding the cancer spotlighted the need to change diet and lifestyle, we still both have had our ‘comfort food’ sessions.  Not too sure why its called that but the none the less, old behaviour patterns have at times re-emerged.

Again I wonder why its so hard to change this at times.  I have come one hell of a long way.  This much I do know.  It seems there are still anchors that needs to be released that are weighing me down.

Yesterday I was so devastated by the fact that I may not be able to start running again until the end of October but in true fashion I sucked it up.  I can still go to the gym.  I can walk and I can get back in the pool.  I took a water running class through Timberly, who is a physiotherapist that is a member of my running group.  So I can still run…just in water.  Its one hell of workout too!  So I will check out the pool schedule.

I still want to be healthy on all levels and I will be.

I am sitting at work with my hot pink vitamin E socks on.  I figured I would keep the everything warm and comfortable as suggested by all the reading material I came across regarding this condition.   My feet are still numb and will likely remain this way until chemo is finished.  It could take a few months before they get back to normal.  I don’t want permanent damage so I will tend to my toes and ensure that they are cared for.

If you would like to watch the Wreck Beach Kokoro dance I have pasted the video link above.  This is different from the first dance I saw.  Understand that each dance is choreographed to tell a story.  This is a very beautiful dance of awakening.

Those of you not familiar with Vancouver, Wreck Beach is a clothing optional beach tucked out past Spanish Banks.  I believe this is the 18th Year they have been performing the Kokoro dance out there.

Enjoy and I look forward to your feedback.


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