Going into this cancer treatment the last thing I ever expected to be compromised was my ability to walk and/or run.  And yet as the third day dawned with the bottom of my feet still in a state of numbness, I called the Cancer Agency to inquire about this.

How long does it last?  Can I run?

The answers to these two questions is that it can be permanent and no, I should not run.

If it doesn’t improve then I am to go see the doctor.  They have medication for this. Of course they do.

Now I get it.  The numbness that I felt subtly over my entire body last week is the chemo affecting the nervous system.  It is not a kind task master.  I expected casualties in that I would lose good cells, but not this.  I never expected this.

Considering too that this treatment is considered preventative in my case.  That I might well have been cancer free…

Well, that’s the thing that troubles me.  How will this affect my quality of life?  And oddly as I went from doctor to doctor and to every required workshop this deal with the nerves being damaged permanently came up for the first time last Monday as I was preparing to undergo treatment for the first time.

I was expecting nausea and general tiredness.  This did not occur.  I had some queasiness but nothing the ginger root tea couldn’t handle.  I was expecting aches and pains which came on Friday but the hemp oil remedied this.

I did some brief research for natural remedies and the only thing that really jumped out was to take a full complement of B Vitamins.  I found a Vitamin B Complex Solution down at Whole Foods that has all of them.  I will pick it up when I get paid.  The idea of yet another drug with various side effects running through my system is less than appealing.

And the notion of not being able to run again is incredibly heartbreaking to me.  I will make sure the doctor knows that they need to change what they are giving me because I don’t want to lose my ability to walk and run freely.

Somehow that just seems like a deal breaker to me.

And that’s where I am on this Monday.  Tomorrow night we are going to the P.N.E. and rocking out to Foreigner.  Yeah, baby!  A girl has gotta have some fun, don’t you know.

To another week of wellness.  Peace out.


6 thoughts on “Concerns….

  1. It sounds like you have Peripheral Neuropathy… A friend had this quite badly.. She was able to walk but not comfortably… She found that Reflexology helped her if you find a practitioner experienced in this… The nerves do eventually settle but it can take a very long time..


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