Feeling Groovy…

The weekend fast approaches and I have made it through the majority of the week with little effect.  That’s cool.  I know that there will be more to come.  I didn’t make if out for a run this morning.  Feet were a little on the numb side and a few muscle aches convinced me to hold off.  I will try for this Sunday to get a run in.

I was feeling a little more achy so the decision was made to try the hemp oil.  I needed to figure out the potency of the product.  Two little bloops about the size of the point of a pen on some seaweed are too potent.  Next time just one bloop.

I am a bit of space cadet this morning.  Feeling a little fuzzy.  Still the Phoenix Tears did its thing.  I feel quite good this morning.  No pains and no queasiness.  I am having my coffee while watching a spider build a web outside my window.  Fascinating little creatures really.

My daughter and I watched as the final touches were put on the web.  She commented on the precise construction of the web.  I began to think of the DNA and memory thing.  For spiders the memory of how to build a web without instruction is literally born into them.  So yes, DNA has stored this memory with such precision in that it has become instinctual.  Has this memory deviated from its original construction or has it become more efficient over time?

Everything that they will ever need to know is in the eggs that are first laid then hatched.  How many of the spiders actually live once hatched?  Considering that they are food for birds and things of that nature, it is likely quite a big casualty ratio.  They provide a very important function to our ecosystem. Indeed they harvest and balance out certain bugs that we wouldn’t want running amok.

It is true that memory of life is infused in all beings, creatures and plants at birth.  I wonder with humans what occurred when certain traumas began to be transferred.  Some would say it’s human nature to react and behave in a particular manner to certain events. Many of them illicit a wide range of responses yet these tend to be generalized as well.

I was thinking of opposites.  The balance they provide but also everything else in between the two extremes.  Think of the infinite things between lets say light and dark, hot and cold, good and bad and love and hate.  And I guess that’s where life is stored.

I feel a bit like a science experiment.  And this curious brain of mine that wants to explore and understand everything that its going through.

As the last effects of the hemp oil where off I am feeling really good.  I will toddle off to Yoga shortly.  The Phoenix Tears have definitely helped and now I have the dosage down.

Enjoy your day everyone.



8 thoughts on “Feeling Groovy…

    • It would be dependent upon where you live. Here in British Columbia we download a form from WestCoast Medicann who are authorized to dispense cannabis products legally. I took it to my doctor and told him my interest in Phoenix Tears (hemp oil). He filled out the form for me and I took it in and am now carded to purchase cannabis products legally.

      Rick Simpson has info on the product as well. He is very knowledgeable. He lives back in Halifax but is currently touring the country discussing the health benefits that can be gained from hemp oil.

      Hemp oil has been around a very long time. Marijuanna was made illegal in the ’60’s because it was being used recreationally. But previously it was used medicinally. Perhaps check out Rick Simpson’s website. That may give you an idea who provides medicinal cannabis products in your area.


  1. Cool! Hope you are well Viv! So your sister needs to go to the West Coast Medicann website and download the form and take it to her doctor. Her doctor fills it out. There is also a West Coast Medicann located on Kingsway that may be closer for you.
    I told my doctor I wanted all options available to me and that I had researched the hemp oil and felt it was an excellent product in combatting the effects of chemo.
    It doesn’t cost anything either to get signed up.
    Let me know how you make out.


  2. Oh, and once the doctor completes the form just take it to West Coast Medicann. They will set your sister up with photo ID and she can purchase the Phoenix Tears.

    I have heard that a certain mushroom is very beneficial and am researching it. Will keep you posted.


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