Dancing on the Wind

My world is righting itself.  Routines that I’ve established are beginning to return.  Nothing like the old familiar.  There is a comfort at the moment reassuring me once more that all will be well.

I slipped into the realm of sleep last night with little effort.  It claimed me quickly as it should.  I opened my eyes and I was standing on a familiar moon-drenched beach.  The ocean surf caressed my toes. Gazing up at the sky,  billions of stars glittered overhead and I watched as a meteor shower rained down from the heavens.

I was in a playful mood this night.  From a distance music was playing, the song reminiscent of one that once I knew well.  Yet I could not place it. Closing my eyes a gentle breeze played around my body and I opened my arms and began to slowly move in a strange rhythmic manner.

I continued to dance along the beach, caught up now in an energy that just seemed to envelope me.  The wind now held me as lover would and at times I was not certain my feet were touching this earthly plane.  Movement, so delightfully sensuous, awakening all my senses.

Then the loud sound of a truck backing up invaded the serenity of the moment. Swiftly I was pulled from this sweet dream to stare with a good degree of malice at my alarm clock.  The numbers blinked 4:45 at me and I groaned.  Ten more minutes.  It’s how we play this game.  The snooze button silenced the beast for the moment and of course I didn’t go back to sleep.  So I just laid there, curled up in my sheets, savouring the remnants of the dream.

Before the beast could once again wail into the dark of morning I slipped from bed and readied myself for the gym.  It was great to drive in watching the sun rise.  I watched the crows as they flew toward the city.  Watched as the sun peeked over the mountains.

And it felt so good to be at the gym.  Familiar faces coming over to welcome me back.  I love the feeling as the body heats and the pores open.  I could feel my heart rate quicken then even out along with my breath.

Closing my eyes I just let myself feel the movement.  The muscles contract then release.  There is an immense joy in me.  Tomorrow after work I’ll be going for a run.  My first in almost two months!  I am excited.

I suppose it may sound a little odd that I am so enamored by these things.  You see there was a time when movement was extraordinarily difficult.   I had buried myself in extreme weight as everything in me just felt so raw.  At that time I chose not to deal with issues that bound me.  So yes, for this girl movement is a gift as is the life that has followed it.

Each step, each challenge finds me working that much harder to keep all of these things in my life.  They matter.  They matter so very much.

So when I am having dreams where I am dancing on the wind this will be taken into the waking world as it was this morning.

Good morning Earth, Good Morning Sky, Good Morning Air, Good Morning Trees, Good Morning Everyone and Everything.

For today things feel normal again.



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