In a conversation last evening I stated that the only thing any of us has control of is our self.  We cannot control those around us though we try.  The weather does pretty much what it wants yet we try to divine what its planning so we can control our response to it.

Indeed, technology is something we can control and direct but anything of an organic nature is a bit dicey.  And technology is now becoming so prevalent that it is in fact affecting our organic world.  Have we gone too far?

I was thinking about the way food is now produced in North America.  Produce has been genetically altered so that is looks good and pleasing to the eye.  Livestock is being shot full of hormones in order to have them grow bigger at a much faster rate.  Fish are being farmed and sea lice now threaten local species as a result.

On the weekend I had coffee after with a few ladies after a play one of them had performed in.  Her friend was a marine biologist originally from Venezuela.  She had lived in Madagascar for a time and spoke of the produce that was sold in markets there.

The food tasted very different simply because it was truly organic.  The tastes were exquisite by her description.  And you know, I can recall a time when produce was like that here.  Everything had a cycle to it, be it farming, fishing or harvesting.  Certain foods were available at specific times of the year.

We would smoke and can salmon as well as fresh fruits and veggies.  The pantry was full for the winter and weekly visits to the butcher and to pick up breads, dairy and root veggies were the order of the day.

Sometimes I wonder why all of this changed so dramatically in the 1970’s but it did.  The result is that we tried to take control of mass producing our food and in my mind the result has been disastrous.  Obesity is through the roof, depression reigns supreme and the majority of what is on the shelves these days really isn’t all that nutritious, if it is in fact food at all.

The idea is to have everything ready for us.  You can even purchase a roast beef cooked and packaged to perfection.  It will melt in your mouth….guaranteed.  The idea of eating meat that has been cooked and packaged to last for I don’t know how long from a bag has very little appeal to me.

Am I guilty of eating frozen meals?  Yes, of course.  I seldom turn to these any longer but from the age of 12 to the age of 16 I had Swanson’s Fried Chicken Dinner every Saturday night pretty much.  Back in those days the apple cobbler was the dessert.  Forty-five minutes in the oven.  Potatoes made from flakes of what, I don’t know, potato?

Was it any wonder when I was on my own that I continued to choose meals such as these.  Fast food chains were making their debut and the idea that I could eat out without the hassle of cooking for less than it would cost to buy my own food held a certain appeal to a young girl in her late teens.  And pizza and beer, burgers and beer, milkshakes and fries with gravy were delightful meals in my mind.

All the bad eating habits that I had begun to pick up continued on and I was not alone.  The entire continent joined me.  Our waistlines expanded, our health now began a slow decline.  Then came the diet industry.  Supplements and pills galore to make the pounds disappear.  And the beauty of it you don’t have to change your eating habits and you don’t have to exercise!

It really is a just a load of bullshit, is it not?

And when all the diets in the world have not worked, when the body has become so confused by the chemicals now coursing through it along came surgical procedures to suck the fat out.

I think perhaps we are a little out of control, yes?

And now the push to go organic.  I don’t even know if that exists anymore in our hemisphere.  What I can do and now practice is to buy locally.  Some will tell you it costs more.  No, not really.  I have found several independent places that may have a slight mark-up over what you may pay at a Safeway store, but in the end the product is far superior.

I can control what I put in my body.  I can control how I treat people and how they treat me.  If I don’t like someone’s attitude toward me, I can simply walk away.  I can control how I respond to the world around me and just who I am in general.  It all comes down to choice.

Could I have changed the cancer thing?  I don’t know.  There is no point in pondering this question.  The past has culminated into this day and this day is what I need to make the most of.  I have responded at times rather frantically to the treatment options that have been recommended recently.  At the end of the day though, I will proceed with them.  I don’t want this thing to come back and if these treatments give me a better opportunity of that result, then I’ll take it.

I can’t control a lot of things, but I can control how I feel and who I am and the energy I put out to this world around me.  I choose to be a being of light and love. I will try to make a difference, try to bring awareness to myself and to those around me.

Now that I am entering my years as a krone, I will embrace these years.  I do not fear aging.  I will care for this vessel of mine.  Yes, I know I can improve on this note and shall continue to work on this.


From the chaos what will emerge?

Have a fabulous day and thank you again for stopping by.



3 thoughts on “Control

  1. so many things are “right” with this post… I spent YEARS pouring over books, websites and “suppressed” information into the WHY and HOW we came to this (not so pretty) point in modern society. may I offer a website that I found many years ago on my path for the “truth” about western culture’s rapid decline in overall health and wellness? the best of the best in my humble opinion. love the way you write Nancy.


      • I love to support the work of those “doing the right” thing 🙂 Check out and do a search on facebook for Phillip Day. He’s been an investigative medical journalist for more than 20 years and he specializes in “suppressed” information. I own several of his books, one of them titled “Cancer: Why We’re Still Dying To Know The Truth”… Powerful stuff. Enjoy 🙂


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