The Far Side

Is it a good idea to use the internet to research medical issues?  Sometimes I wonder.  My active imagination plays out each side effect as I read about them.

Fatigue they say is when all the sleep and rest in the world will not suffice.  That getting up from the sofa can be a monumental task in and of itself.  This is followed by telling the reader that in many cases depression can follow as a result.

Really?  Who knew? (And I am being extremely facetious right now).

It stands to reason, if each day you wake up and it feels like the most laborious of tasks to open our eyes, then yes, quite possible this could get you down.  In fact, one could say that a serious depression is in fact very much like fatigue.  I have experienced severe depression so I am ready for it.  I know how to deal with it.

To combat fatigue I need to look at what I am eating and I need to move and exercise.  I won’t push myself to the point of exhaustion but I will work up a good sweat.  I truly believe that this will create energy for my body.  Our bodies are energy. Movement creates and feeds this.

Another side effect may be loss of appetite.  This is why I want to have a few different shakes / smoothies lined up.  Right now we (my daughter and myself) are drinking a spinach, kale, strawberry, peach with chia seeds and coconut milk on a daily basis.  This shake provides a ton of nutrients and detoxs the body.

The great thing is that the body absorbs these nutrients very quickly.  Not a lot to broken down in the digestive track.  We will be exploring a few more.  Cherries I have learned are extremely good for the joints.  Blueberries are just awesome anyway you look at them.

I will be purchasing the Hemp Oil from the supermarket to put in our shakes.  Still working on the Hemp Oil with the THC for some of the side effects that I may endure.  I am going to discuss this with my family doctor.  I brought this up with the chemotherapy doctor on Tuesday and she would not even address it.  Just chose to ignore my inquiry.

I would have preferred if she had simply stated that she wasn’t familiar with the product and therefore could not endorse it.  Instead she rambled about the consequences of supplements and how it could cost thousands of dollars and there were many who will take advantage of someone like myself who is in such a vulnerable position.

I reassured her that I had no interest in supplements.  Hemp Oil is not a supplement.  It is a natural medicine.  She then told me I would be required to take an anti-nausea medication prior to treatment.  From what I can tell this is an expensive drug and again I am not being given any other options. And I did express my discontent with prescription medications.

Ginger can apparently help big time with the effects of nausea.  While studies are still in the preliminary phase, it does look promising.

My family doctor is well aware of my disdain when it comes to prescription medications.  So I will sit and have a chat and see if he will give me his consent to have this option available should I so choose.  I should have a choice of what I put in my body, shouldn’t I?

Hell, I feel like I will be putting a poison in it to kill everything good and bad.  Can I not offset this with something that is natural with no side effects rather than pumping yet another chemically produced drug into the mix?

I do understand that doctors may be reticent about prescribing a product that for the last fifty years or so has been outlawed.  I had this conversation with my daughter.  My point being that any drug, if abused, is bad for you.

Michael Jackson died from prescription medication as did Marilyn Monroe.  The list is a long one for prescription abuse deaths and equally so the list for deaths due to illegal drug use.

My daughter’s concern was the THC and that I could get high, to which I pointed out that yes, if I chose to abuse it, I most certainly could.  And you know, I get it.  She grew up listening to the ‘war on drugs’ being extolled at every turn.

She saw commercials showing ‘your brain on drugs.’  Perhaps I did my job too well?

My point simply is this.  Should we not question the medicines that these huge pharmaceutical companies are offering us?  Should we not have alternatives?  God knows these drugs are just as capable of altering moods and behaviours as ‘illegal’ drugs.  And should our medical community not be looking to these natural remedies for patients such as myself who take issue with the toxic nature many of these manufactured drugs?

I can’t take the chance and not do this therapy.  I would love to say I am cancer free and I don’t need this poison.  But there is a question mark there and I need to know that I am 100% clear of this thing.  So I’ll take the poison, but let me have a choice as to how to remedy any side effects.

Last night I sat with daughter looking at wigs.  I thought at first I would just go with a hat.  Thing is I’m not a hat person so wearing a hat for months on end…nah, not me.  I discovered too that I can lose my eyebrows, eyelashes and pubic hair.  Oye!

I then had visions of David Bowie’s character in ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’.  Perhaps I will be an alien for Halloween this year.  I could be very convincing.  I could get those contacts that are for decoration only.  Oooooh! I could be onto something here.  What about a Conehead alien?

Going to be a fun time.

In any case, that is where I am with this thing.  I would encourage everyone to ask questions and be informed. It is your body and you have that right as to what goes in it.



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