Questionable Behaviour?

All the bandages are off and I have some small red marks on either side of my belly button that will likely fade over time.  I am quite impressed.  I was expecting….well, I don’t know what I was expecting.  Frankenstein scars maybe?  I used to refer to my belly button as the starter button. It needed to be pushed in order to get me going.  My mom or dad would push it and I would giggle uncontrollably being a wee bit ticklish you see.

I am really happy with how quickly the healing has occurred thus far.  Just a little tenderness remains and my energy is way below what I am used to.  Still, everything improves daily and I can’t ask for more than that.  The body went through quite the trauma.

Today I meet with the chemotherapy doctor.  This one has me nervous. On the weekend I researched Hemp Oil.  We do have distributors in Vancouver that are legal and will provide medical marijuana and hemp oil with THC.  A doctor must approve this.  I have printed out a form to take with me to the doctor’s today.  Part of the discussion on my end will be remedies for any pain I may endure as a result of the chemotherapy.  From what I understand it can be quite painful and as I stated before, I am a wimp when it comes to pain. I may not need this at all but I want the option open to me should it be required.

I don’t want to smoke so I checked out at length the hemp oil and am quite impressed.  For the record, if you take the doses as prescribed you won’t get high.

I have been in touch with an organization called Westcoast Medicann here in Vancouver.  A fellow named Jay will be providing me with nutritional information as well. He also mentioned Apricot Kernels which I’ll be checking out.

I am not a fan of pharmaceutical drugs.  If I can find a natural product that will provide the remedy I need then I’ll go down that road.  Keep in mind that hemp oil with the THC has been around a very long time as a medicine.  Marijuana and the production of hemp were outlawed in the 1960’s when the mass populace of young people began using it ‘recreationally’.

LSD was in fact being used experimentally on students legally.  If you are of an age to recall Dr. Timothy Leary sitting on campus higher than a proverbial kite instructing the masses to ‘Turn on, Tune in and drop out’.

It was, by all standards, a very tumultuous time.  Major changes were occurring on several fronts.  Still, we have so far to go.

My point in all this I suppose, is just because a natural product such as marijuana or hemp oil can alter behaviour if used incorrectly does not mean that it is ineffective and should be denounced for its medicinal properties by the medical community.  If fact, we now have commercials warning parents to speak to their children about ‘prescription drug abuse’.  There are many drugs out there that are dangerous to your health  that are manufactured.

Yet because marijuana and hemp were outlawed, suddenly the medicine they provide became irrelevant.

I don’t use drugs recreationally.  Oh yes, I tried smoking dope in my formative years.  It put me to sleep.  I didn’t see the point of going to a party and smoking a joint only to sleep through the event.  I never had any interest in the other drugs that were floating about and there were many.  Perhaps as I watched people take handfuls of reds, uppers, downers, bennies, etc. that were set out in candy dishes resembling a bowl of odd-shaped SMARTIES and wash them down with a shot of whiskey their crazy ass behaviour following this was a deterrent for me.  Watching someone twitch uncontrollably and babble incoherently didn’t strike me as being a behaviour I wanted to emulate.

At one party I recall a guy who sat talking to a sleeping dog.  This guy wailed in an animated and emotionally charged manner.  He sobbed and pleaded with the animal to understand his point.  He was oblivious to what was going on around him.  Occasionally the dog would raise his head and wag its tail, then go back to sleep.

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise at an alarming rate yet they aren’t being outlawed and they won’t anytime soon.  Pharmaceutical companies control more than you want to know.

Last night as I drove home from work listening to the radio, the DJ was discussing the events of a beer drinking contest.  “How much beer could you drink in 20 minutes?” she asked.
I thought if I was really thirsty perhaps two, but likely only one.  I can’t recall where this beer drinking contest was but a guy drank 6 litres of beer in 20 minutes.  I thought immediately, “Holy shit!  That is a lot of beer!”

Guess what?  He died shortly thereafter.  I, for one, am not surprised.  Too much alcohol in your system will result in poisoning.  I had to wonder why people have these type of contests anyway?  It is the same with pie eating, hot dog eating….not good for you!

Should beer be outlawed?  I think if you tried to do that the revolt would be huge.   And beer has no medicinal properties.  It simply tastes good.  Here in British Columbia we have fabulous craft beers and grow some of the finest marijuana in the world.  If you asked me where to buy this marijuana, I wouldn’t know but if you hang around certain areas of the city I know that someone will ask you if you want to buy some.

I really would like to see natural remedies be welcomed back into the medical community.  The thing is a naturally growing substance such and marijuana cannot be patented.  You can farm it and make the products and sell them but you cannot patent them.

The other thing I want to mention is food.  Much of the food produced is not good for you as well.  They say that 80% of what is in our supermarkets is industrial produced food.  The natural foods I am told are usually on the parameter of the store such as produce, etc.

I would like to see natural remedies be included in the visit to the doctor.  Too many times doctors prescribe medicines after being briefed by pharmaceutical reps.  In any case, I just wanted to make mention of this as I do feel it is important.

Enjoy your day!


4 thoughts on “Questionable Behaviour?

  1. I have this great book that was put out by the Cancer council here (Australia) about alternative therapies which is really helpful… I wonder if you have something like that is USA.. They say that Marijuana I’d very helpful for Nausea etc during treatment and for cancer pain.. Here it has to be bought illegally which seems sad if it can help..


    • I live in Canada, by the way 🙂 and we actually can get medicinal marijuana and hemp oil through agencies that are authorized by the government. What’s the name of the book by the way? The Cancer Agency here doesn’t really endorse alternative therapies unfortunately. Thanks for checking out my post. Peace out.


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