Angels & Demons

On the drive in this morning comments posted online were being read by the DJ regarding the death of Cory Montieth.  As many of you know he died last weekend here in Vancouver.  One of the of the comments made was about the demons we all have, the ones that likely convinced Cory that it would be okay if he got high one last time.

Unfortunately the demons and the drugs won this time out.  It is always sad to see yet another life lost. A family now grieves along with friends and lovers for the loss of their loved one.

There are many whose faces we will never see that lose the battle daily as well.  They too have loved ones who weep for them.  And I wonder how we eradicate this poison from our society?

There are many who win the battle against addiction though.  They fight each day for the life they now enjoy.

Demons come in very many forms though.  Anyone who has struggled with any type of mental illness knows this all too well.  And any type of addiction quite often is accompanied by some form of imbalance, be it a mental instability depression, etc.

I wrestle with my demons on a daily basis.  Those erstwhile little devils that continually try to undermine and detract me from my soul’s purpose.  They whisper subtly in my head that I am not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, etc.

There are days when these demons are more insistent and obnoxious, and others where they are silent.  For many years they screamed at me and kicked me down.  The thing is, I kept getting back up.

And then there are angels.

Through my life I’ve had these darlings that have touched me.  In my darkest hours they have come breathing forgiveness and love into a fragile soul.  When tears have washed away the stain of grief that has run so deep, I have found that hope remains in the heart waiting to bloom.

Angels come in many forms as well.  Know simply that you’ve been touched by one if your heart if fuller than before.

And so I focus on the gifts that have been given me when these demons rear their ugly heads. I have found one of the most effective ways to silence them is by forgiving them.

There are many life lessons that we pass through on a daily basis.  I will continue to surrender myself to a loving and forgiving heart.  This for me is where true strength lays.

And so a prayer to all who are tormented.  Know that there is peace.  It is in you.  Just open your heart to it.

Blessing to all.  Namaste.



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