I am watching the world around me holding its collective breath as the imminent birth of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s firstborn draws closer.  A very happy occasion for the couple and no doubt they’ll be great parents. But why this incessant fascination with ‘the Royals?’

I have never understood this odd obsession that people seem to have with the monarchy. I remember when Dianna got married to Charles and it was billed as a the ‘fairytale wedding’ of the century.

I didn’t watch the wedding.  It didn’t matter because for weeks after the event every magazine cover was inundated with images from said wedding.  I listened to people as the gushed about how beautiful she looked in that ‘stunning’ gown.  Personally the dress never did a thing for me.  But then, I have the attitude that weddings have been overrated and marketed for years as the bride’s ‘princess for the day’ moment that seems to now be ingrained as a rite of passage or a birth rite.  Not too sure which.

Isn’t that what every girl wants? Her ‘prince’ whisks her away from a life of mediocrity.  She has the expensive wedding that will take years to pay for.  And then comes the dress. Attire that is worn only once in a lifetime.  And is this the woman’s best day of her life?  Kind of sad if it is, sadder still if she never experiences the euphoria that she may have experienced on that day.

Every culture does the wedding thing to an extreme though.  It is not just a western hemisphere phenomenon.

A couple of Canadian celebrities recently tied the knot.  Avril and Chad looked like they took a page out of the Addams Family as Avril was in a black wedding dress and Chad was decked out the same colour as well.

Media and the fashion police went for the juggler.

I hope they have a long and happy life together.

These days though, as I turn on the news or walk past magazines that are on display, I inevitably see the visage of a smiling and very pregnant Kate.  And people are making gifts for the baby.  People are making gifts for Kate.  Why?

I sat watching the late news last night letting this question play itself out.  Confounded as to why people are so bat shit crazy over this pending birth, and please excuse my vulgarity, but of what importance will this child have on our daily lives?

The station took a break and what commercial do you think popped up?  Was it irony at it’s finest?  I don’t know.  But an ad from ‘The Christian Children’s Fund’ appeared begging for each of us to commit to a dollar a day to save a child in an impoverished ‘third world’ country.

I detest the terminology ‘third world’.  It is just one world that we all share.  All the problems that have been in existence since the dawn of man remain.  They are fundamental issues really.  Perhaps a flaw in our human composition?  Our misunderstanding of power?  I don’t know.

And as I sat pondering the pending birth and the absurd attention it has garnered, I wondered if the woman whose child now stood crying and starving on TV was happy upon the birth of her child?  Or did she weep knowing she could not provide even the basics?

And then I wondered why she could not?  Is it a question of education? To teach and empower people to think for themselves and to collectively come together to find a solution to the problems that exist in their daily lives.  Just a thought.

The news came back on and I watched as Masala got up and gave an impassioned speech to the UN.  Good on you, girl! We need more like her.  Forgiving, passionate with a determination to see this world educated.  One textbook, one pen for every child…yes, the world could very well begin to change for the better.

And meanwhile many of us look to live out a fairytale life?  I never cared much for fairytales.  Happily ever after?  Hmmm.

I have this moment.  That’s it.  I am not guaranteed another.

So ask yourself this.  Are you happy?  And by that I mean can you say with all honesty that you are completely content?  If you are, fabulous!

If you’re like me though, the question would result in the answer  ‘no’.

I am working toward being ‘happy’, being ‘content’.  I have made considerable progress…still I know I’ve many more lessons to learn.  Join me won’t you?



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