A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Enlightment

For the moment I am feeling blissed out.  Been getting a few things off my chest.

I wrote a letter to a corporate giant (aka Telus) about the monetary penalty they exacted on my daughter.  She wanted to suspend her account for a couple of months when she moved back  in to care for me during this time.  They would not allow her to suspend her account, therefore she had to break her contract and cancel.

On Friday she received a final billing of $851.00.

To me this is just criminal.  After doing a bit of research I discovered that the CEO made $14 million last year and two of the top executives made $3.1 million and $2.9 million respectively.

Now I know how they managed such exorbitant salaries.  I just think there should be a set rate of no more than $200 to break a contract.  Sadly, this happens all the time.  So I wanted to have my say in the matter.  Now that I’ve gotten it off my chest, I feel so much better.

Then I got to thinking about how we are ruled by the economy.  We’ve only been doing business in this manner for a very short period of time and yet it has become this demigod that we all feed.

We are told that we deserve to have the house, the car, the two-week vacation annually and the 2.5 kids.  But it’s not just a house anymore.  The house now has walk-in closets,  and bathrooms that are big enough to house a bed. Everybody wants their own as well. The kitchen is state of art with gadgets and them some.  Living room, then a family room, a movie room…

The car now has features on it where the damn thing will in fact park itself.  TV screens adorn either the back of the headrests or hang suspended from the vehicle’s ceiling.  A GPS unit tells you in an amiable voice where to go while your bottom is warmed by the heated seats.

Children now seem to be signed up to a million activities.  Dance, soccer, hockey, gymnastics, swimming, football, baseball, etc. just to name a few.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no complaint about children being involved in extracurricular activities.  But many today seem to be involved in at least three.  The expectations for their success providing additional pressure.

When did it get so complicated?

I rose early and went for a walk just before 6:00AM.  I greeted the day and saw a beautiful spider’s web glistening in the sun.  The day promises to be a warm one.  I passed a garden that was being watered by an old-time sprinkler.  I smiled, remembering the extreme pleasure I used to have at running through the sprinkler as a child.

There were sno-cone machines that made refreshing treats from ice cubes.  Oh, you could mix fresh fruit in there for a real treat.

We went camping for two weeks every year typically.  I saw some beautiful parts of this province.  Garbage gobblers (aka decorative trash bins) lined the highways.  Up in the Okanagan Fruit and Cider stands offered fabulous fare.  We kept ourselves busy by counting VW Bugs.  The trick was being the first one to call it out.  Always an argument ensued as to who actually saw it first.

Roasting marshmellows and hotdogs over an open fire and nothing like fresh trout for breakfast.

That was when the economy was still in its infancy.  The working masses worked very hard to save for these events.  Visa and MasterCard  had not yet moved in to dominate the market in the manner that they do today.

Charge cards were given to a select few and they had to be paid off monthly.

I have watched this world change so dramatically, particularly in the area of technology.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying that the simplicity of my youth is the way to go.  What I am commenting on is simply stresses and expectations that seem to exist today.  Also the desire to have everything…all at once.

Without the advances in technology that have occurred, it is likely my operation would have been very different as well.  So yes, I am grateful for the breakthroughs that we’ve made.  I love that I can sit on my sofa and type out my thoughts and share them with the world around me and vice versa.

I guess too, we are bound to make mistakes as we transition through the rapidity of information being tossed at us.  Hopefully, they are of the correctable variety.

And so while the fiery gates of hell (aka my butt) seems to have calmed for the moment, I will enjoy this moment of bliss in its entirety.

Have a good one!


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