Marketing 101…

Okay…so I need to learn how to use this vast social network that lies before me just beyond this computer screen.  I will connect to other social networks…though in truth, I need to figure out how best to use them and what they are in fact for.  I joined with Tumblr and Pintrest today.  Twitter has me confounded. I liken it to being suitable for an ongoing conversation with self with the hopes that others might join in.  But you’re kind of talking to yourself.

And you would think this would be easy for me because I talk to myself all the time.  I walk around muttering as the neurons fire thoughts through my brain seeking an audience of some worth.  Is this a weird thing to do and something that should be discouraged in the marketing end of things?   Hmmm.

What is it I want to the world to know about the product that I am introducing…which just happens to be me?

In what I thought was my cleverness when I set up the Twitter account, I posted rather foolish and out there comments that may have left the impression that I had escaped from an asylum and forgotten to take my meds.

Again, likely not a good tactic to use in the marketing of oneself.

The thing of it is I’m not bat shit crazy.  I am likely a little eccentric, a little weird, a little unique.  That’s cool.  I’ve found a good balance in my life and calmed that somewhat frenetic side of self that rears up every now and again.

And I guess the point of this post is that I really do want to learn how to market not only myself, but what I write.  I want to develop my knowledge base in this sense.

I rose early.  Up at 6:00 AM today.  Sleeping in one position has become rather uncomfortable.  My lower back begins to ache, regardless of how many pillows I have propping me up.  It will be good when I sleep on my side again.  My dreams have been chaotic ramblings so on this day I decided I need to have some structure.

I  have allowed the body and mind to just relax and heal.  Now I need to get my editing chops out and finish polishing up this book  of mine.  The release date.  July 27th, 2013.  One month after surgery.

New beginnings.

One pitfall I need to be wary of is to not spread myself too thin.  I have a tendency to want to know everything all at once and dive in finding myself very quickly in a quagmire of misinformation, hence I learn nothing but what I should not have done.  In truth, this is something I already do know about myself, so I’ll be careful with this.

It is going to be another hot day.  It is not quite 8:00 AM and as I nibble on my fruit salad the pores have already opened on the body releasing any fluids that happen to be in it. The puffiness is receding.  I am hoping that I will be able to wear my pants once again in six weeks time.  I wouldn’t mind going out and buying a really nice outfit as well.

So I guess the best way to market myself if honestly.  Those of you whom have subscribed to this blog have gotten to know the several sides that exist.  I will not present to this world a person that I believe the public may expect, but just me, the person that I am.

I have already exceeded my expectations in that I finished the book.  That it will be published is the final end of this particular journey.  A year and a half ago, I didn’t know diddley-squat about the publishing world. A year ago I finished my first draft.  Since that time my evolution has a writer has continued.

When you move from stating ‘I love to write’ to ‘I’m a writer’ it is a big step. Acknowledging your passion is huge.  Embracing and surrendering yourself to it… no words suffice at this realization. And so I will work through this task of marketing my work with the honesty and finesse worthy of the readers I seek.  That you will come to know my quiet intelligence and insatiable curiousity about this world we inhabit; that I can share with all of you the beauty that I see daily and I embrace yet another day on this blue marble of ours.

I was thinking of a catch phrase that might describe me in a nutshell.  You think of Nike (Just Do It).  You get the idea.

I could say that I am a survivor, because I am.  But I am so much more than just that.  From each of these challenges comes a deeper understanding of what it is to be human.  And maybe that’s the point.  In any case, this is what I came up with.

Nancy Pilling   (Why Not?)

Enjoy your day my friends.



5 thoughts on “Marketing 101…

  1. Here’s the best advice for using social networking. The networking that matters is helping people achieve their goals, doing it reliably and repeatedly, so that over time people have an interest in helping you achieve your goals.


    • Thank, I agree with you. One thing I have been doing is researching the various platforms to see if they are viable. It takes time to source out information to see if it is of any value to what I’m doing. I appreciate your feedback.


      • Hey Nancy when I have a decision that needs to be made whether it’s moving, buying a car, choosing a social media platform or whatever I use this two week process:

        1.Gather my options
        2.Get the advice and opinion of others
        3.Narrow down to 3 or 4 that fit you best
        4.Do a little more research on these
        5.Choose the best one and ACT

        All with-in two weeks. Hope this helps and congrats I see you’re writing a book.


  2. Patrick is right.. You help others they help you on social networks.. Other groups or pages of similar interest to you are good to like and join up with.. Some time spent connecting with others.. Also treat people as you would face to face.. Thank you and gratitude when they help you.. I used FB and LinkedIn as main bases and also chat groups.cant get my head round twitter!!! . For me it was Lymphedema and cancer orientated.. Now when I post others share immediately and off it goes into cyber space!!! Likewise I share others when I can… What is your book about? Fiction or non fiction?… You have plenty to keep you occupied this next few weeks…


    • I agree with what Patrick said as well. I guess because I am looking at publishing in a few weeks I really need to start focusing on the marketing end of things. My first book is a memoir. The focus of it is being raised in an abusive home as a child and how that can affect a person. I explore the things that I did to help myself. It was an incredibly therapeutic experience.


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