I made it through!  Now I can once again begin the task of moving toward optimum health.

There was a lot of anxiety building toward this day.  Wednesday was a blur.  Deadlines and then some to which I managed the majority of tasks.  Those of importance in any case.  By day’s end the rash of activity culminated in me feeling incredibly fragile.  Sleep on Wednesday night came in intervals, has been the case recently.

I checked into the hospital at 7:45 AM.  Surgery was scheduled for 9:45 AM.  My daughter and I chatted while I donned the hospital’s latest fashions.  It’s a classic look.

A blue gown with a lovely snowflake motif that leaves me arse exposed.  Complimenting this look a blue hair net with matching booties.

The OR room was draped in blue as well.  The table at the centre of the room was a narrow device and as I hauled myself onto this object I found myself staring into three huge lights right out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

During pre-op, I met the entire team that would be involved in the procedure being conducted on this day.   Now in the room, other than Adonis and another very sweet nurse whose name I cannot pronounce, the only person I would see was Dr. Paige, the anistigiologist.  He smiled down at me, and then I was gone.

When I opened my eyes again, I was very groggy.  The clock read 12:07 PM.

A young man sat watching me.  “What’s your name?” I asked sleepily.

“My name is Jake, your nurse.” he smiled.

“Hi Jake…I’m Nancy.”

“Hello Nancy.”

“Tell me Jake, did they remove any nodes?” (a.k.a. lymph nodes)

“No nodes, Nancy.” He grinned now.

Relief flooded through me and Jake checked my vitals.  This news indicated that the cancer had not spread.

Fighting the incessant grogginess, I gazed out the window at the mountains on an overcast summer day.  Seagulls flew past and I felt so very alive in that moment.

Despite the fact that a tube had been inserted into my throat which was now parched as no fluids had been consumed since midnight, I broke into song.

My rendition of ‘Beautiful Day’ likely sounded like Yosemite Sam with a hangover.

Jake’s smile broadened and he continued with his examination.  It’s the drugs, man!

I was sent up to my ward where I would spend the night.  The Doctor came in and she was delighted with the results.  I lost very little blood and in her mind the cancer was contained in the uterus.  I will know in a couple of weeks if post-operative treatment is required and if it is, it will likely be minimal.

So it is done.  The reproductive organs are gone, now donated to research.  My life as a woman will go on.

I feel an incredible weight has been lifted.  Now it is time to heal in all ways.

I woke at 5:00 AM on this morning.  I slipped from the hospital bed and gathered up the IV drip and a few other accruements and made my way to a window to greet the day.  They have a terrace that they no longer allow patients onto for various reasons but I watched a beautiful sunrise and just felt so blessed.

The life force is so strong in me now.  And I will allow the body to heal; I will nurture and care for this vessel of mine.  The cancer is gone and I have been reborn.



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