Emergency! The Harrowing Tales of Surviving….the ER?

The agile beast curled up affectionately next to the woman.  With pleasure and delight she stroked the animal’s soft fur.  Lovingly the animal licked her toes as she continued to stroke it.  Then in a flash, the feral beast lunged at the her.  Incisors of rather enormous proportion sank into the tender underside of the woman’s wrist.  In pain and surprise she cried out.  Blood was instantaneous and abundant.  The animal growled in it’s supremacy at the woman then continued to lick her toes. 

Oh the, horror!  The horror! 

Admittedly I confess to being a little dramatic.  Then again this week dealt me a little extra drama with a healthy dose of anxiety thrown in.

I mentioned that I received a rather nasty bite from my sister’s cat on the weekend.  The poor dear has not been fixed and is in heat.  This, I understand, can be quite painful for a cat and some of the rather obtuse thoughts entering the grey matter upon this reflection shall remain in the waste receptacle  in my head where all bad ideas and thoughts are sent upon inception.

If I am sounding a wee discombobulated, perhaps I am.

I handled the bite with delicate care cleaning and dressing  it on Sunday.  For a few hours it was swollen then went down and by Sunday evening when I cleaned and redressed the wound it looked very healthy.  I slept well and when I woke in the morning there was a some redness around the bites.  I figured it was normal for an injury of this type.  I had a busy day at work.  Monday’s I double up.  I have an engineer whose accounting records I take care of.

I finished up around 7:45 PM.  A full 12 hour day.  The red had spread and was warm to the touch.  At first I considered going to a clinic but I was really hungry so I decided that perhaps I should pick up some peroxide as I only had rubbing alcohol along with an antibiotic cream.  Arriving home I had my dinner then redressed the wound.  Icing  it, I then sat to have my tea and my arm appeared to be getting better.

Washing up for bed, however, with  the light in the bathroom illuminating just how red my forearm and was becoming,  the decision was made.  This was getting worse and spreading.  It was not just warm to the touch now, but hot.

I needed to get down to emergency.  My daughter and her boyfriend insisted on keeping me company so we arrived just after 11:00 PM.  I was checked in and then the waiting began.

It was a busy night in the ER.  By about 12:40 AM I finally got in to see the doctor.  I had contracted Cellulitus as of result of the bite.  I was given a round of antibiotics intravenously with instructions to return the following evening to have another round.

We arrived back home from the ER at 2:35 AM and I slept for 4 hours then went into work.

I was unable to participate in the last run with my group last night as they left the catheter in and I felt it prudent to refrain from such activities with a contraption inserted in my arm.  I did stop by see Lara though, and so I won’t be running with them again until September.  It feels strange.

I have run almost every Tuesday for the last 3 1/2 years.  I have only missed a couple of runs due to flu/cold interruptions.

I was concerned that this infection could delay the surgery and I really don’t want this delayed any longer.

Hospitals give me the ‘hee bee gee bee’s’.  The smell of them…it just gives me an ‘ick’ factor that sets me on edge.  But I was a brave little warrior and made my way back to the hospital last night for my second round of antibiotics.  It is a strange sensation because I could actually feel the medication as it entered my system.  My body started to tingle all over.  There were several other people in the room…some being treated for infectious diseases.  Some patients have been going there on quite a regular basis and know the nurses quite well.  My IV was only 20 minutes in length.  There are patients that are in for hours.

This hospital is not run very efficiently.  The staff  look about as disheveled as they come.  The girl that was trying to put the catheter in my arm the Tuesday morning had two stabs at it before turning it over to another nurse.  She was wearing scrubs that appeared as if they had been sitting at the bottom of a laundry bin for two weeks.  Her hair was stringy, not tied back and appeared unwashed.  Periodically she would run her hand through her hair.

Unfortunately her appearance was well in keeping with many who worked there.  While this particular woman’s professional appearance was sadly lacking in a more extreme manner, there were very few that appeared well groomed.

For me personally, I want the person who is sticking things into me to look professional with a decent level of hygiene.   I’m not a germ-a-phobe at all, but institutions such as hospitals should be clean.  They don’t necessarily have to be sterile just clean.  And if your staff looks like they spent the night sleeps in their clothes…well, what does that say?

I know many medical workers put in hours that are ridiculously long.  Perhaps I am being a bit of a prude for pointing out their appearance.  Still, as we sat in the ER waiting room on Monday night, I watched some patients that should have been taken in long before me.  One woman had extreme stomach pains and was throwing up in the ER.  She came in just after me, yet had to wait for well over an hour as did I.

I know the work done in hospitals is vitally important.  I simply ask for professional conduct and clean appearance.

Good news.  The doctor felt the infection was healing quite rapidly and I don’t have to go back for another round of IV antibiotics.  I have a prescription to take for the next 7 days.  That should prepare me for the next hospital visit on the 27th of June.

Getting a little nervous….but just want to power through this.

I survived ER!  Yay!

And if you get bitten by a cat get it checked…fast!  I never realized how fast these things can get nasty.



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