Sticky Fingers

It is Monday morning and my fingers are decidedly a little sticky from my fruit salad. I will jot down these thoughts then wash my little appendages.

They have been turning the elevator off in the evenings and on the weekend due to mechanical  issues and they don’t want someone getting stuck in them I suppose.  And so I walked up three flights of stairs and called the building superintendent, who funny enough,  always seems surprised that they aren’t working.  We will be having them replaced this summer.  It will be an arduous task no doubt and I am not sure if we will be walking up the stairs the entire time the repairs are being done.  There are some in my office that physically could not do this on a daily basis.

I had a really great weekend with only one little mishap.  Yesterday began with a fabulous walk around and through Queen’s Park in New Westminster.  I run through there all the time but upon waking yesterday to an absolutely gorgeous spring day, I opted to go for a walk.   Throwing  some clothes on off I went.  I made a rather interesting discovery in that they have goats and peacocks right next to the play area.

It is a park on quite a grand scale.  It houses an ice rink, a football field, tennis courts, a full-size baseball diamond and a soccer field.  As well there is beautiful rose garden with several horticultural projects in various parts of the park.  They also have a picnic area  and BBQ pits amidst an extensive children’s play area which also houses the goats and peacocks.

Of course they have pathways all throughout and stunningly beautiful forested areas.

I later did some shopping therapy with my daughter. The mishap occurred when I went to my sister’s to drop off her birthday gift.  She has a cat that needs to be neutered and I was petting him when he reared up, lunged and bit me.  He got me on the inside of my wrist and boy did that hurt.  So I have two puncture wounds that are making it a little difficult to use the rest while typing.  It was swollen for a little bit yesterday then it subsided.   I redressed it and now it is a little red.   Oye!

Still I do know that when a male cat is in heat you have to be careful where you touch them and how you touch them.  I think I will make it a policy to just not touch them in this state.  I have told my sister she needs to get the cat fixed.  Very seldom am I around an animal that has not been fixed.  I will mend quick enough though.

I got to thinking about simple pleasures this morning such as going for a walk.  It is something I see quite often in those around me.  An example is an amusing little event that happened last fall.  I was changing my toilet seat.  One of the bolts was stripped and I couldn’t get the damn thing off.  The seat that was on there was a cheap plastic one that was cracked and so I had gone out and purchased one of better quality.  I had been working on the thing but couldn’t get it so figured I would likely needed to raid my girlfriend’s garage as she has a whole host of tools at her home.

A short while later I ran into a woman in my building.  The people in my condo are uber friendly.  Kathy also happens to be the president of our strata.   As we were chatting I mentioned needing some additional tools to remove my old toilet seat.

Before I could say ‘Shazam’ Kathy had insisted that her husband take a look.  I really don’t like to put people out and told her not to worry about it, but she continued to insist and the next thing you know I had Bob stretched out under my toilet with Kathy hovering above him and a whole mess of tools.  My bathroom is very compact by the way.

Kathy and Bob are older and very sweet people.  Once we finally removed the bolt I got the new toilet seat and removed it from the packaging.  Kathy asked if she could take a closer look.

“Oh, this is really nice!  Where did you get it?” She asked.

“I got it at Lowe’s.  Just $38.” I told her.

Kathy then began to stroke it quite lovingly.  “Oh Bob, oh Bob.  We gotta get us one of these.  This is really nice and the quality!  Oh Bob.”

Bob takes it then and installs it and he was in agreement with his wife.  It was a rather comical moment to watch this woman fondle my toilet seat so lovingly.  It was very kind of them to help me with this task.

Yes, she and Bob went out to Lowe’s and purchased the same seat.  It makes me smile at the things that we find pleasure in.

It is the little things that sometimes take us by surprise.  I was talking with her recently and they have both just entered the world of technology and purchased their very first laptops and cell phones.  It is wonderful to see someone so excited about the technology.

I got my first computer in 1997.  It had 32 mb of RAM.  That’s it.  Going on the internet took 5-7 minutes.  Uploading a website required a whole lotta patience as well.  I was so completely enamored  with the technology.  My daughter and I fought each other to get onto the internet.  I found chat rooms where I could talk to someone in Australia, though looking back the conversations, they were rather mundane and typically weather, seasonal or culturally related.  I recall asking one fellow if he had a lot of kangaroos in the area he lived in.

I got several ‘LOL!  LOL! LOL!”

And I wasn’t too sure what that meant so I assumed it was an Aussie thing.   Later I came to understand this is a whole new way of communicating.

Of course, now it seems that everything is abbreviated and it drives me a bit crazy.  I feel like I’m trying to decipher code half the time.   I was a little slow off the mark when it came to this and I still don’t do it personally.  I don’t know.  I like to write out things fully even if I send a text message.  In truth though, I don’t text all that much.  It seems strange to have a phone and not talk on it.

One of the first times I sent a text I was trying to set up a facial.  I had purchased an discounted offer for this facial and it noted at the bottom to “Text Bryan” at this number for an appointment.

I asked my receptionist if she knew how to text and if she could show me.  I still had a flip phone.  She came over and we puzzled around with it.

“This is really old.” Jessica moaned in despair.

“You don’t know how to text on this?” I asked rather despondent.

“I think I do…”

She showed me a few things and so my attempts to text this fellow began.

The first message…”I am Nancy…I want…”

The message was sent.  Oh no! I had much more to say.

A moment later I received a reply.

“Hi Nancy.  What is it you want?”

“Bryan sorry…I don’t do…”

Oops!  Sent it again.

“Nancy, what is it you don’t do?”

“Figuring it out.  So sorry, I am slow at this…”


At this point I was feeling a little panicky and Jessica was laughing hysterically.

Somehow I managed to switch to numbers and sent this one that said

“I like the facial ple222444…..”

Then I get the message. “Nancy, you do know you can phone me, don’t you?”

I felt rather foolish in that moment but sucked it up and phoned Bryan.  We had a good laugh over my lack of texting skills and I managed to book the facial.

I have a ‘smart phone’ now which I am slowly coming to conquer.  Texting is easier but I still don’t do all that much of it.  I like to talk…have a conversation.

So I will go now and wash my sticky fingers.  The redness has lessened in my wrist and I have a whole lotta work to do.

Have a great day everyone.




One thought on “Sticky Fingers

  1. When you think how much technology has changed our lives it is just unbelievable.. I love Skype as it is just as if the person is with you… I remember growing up staying home waiting for the latest boy to call!!! You could not go anywhere in case you missed it !!! LOL !!!!!!!!


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