Being Human

flowerFunny creatures, aren’t we?  We find beauty in simplicity yet we make it very complicated for ourselves to find this.  We watch the sun rise every day but do we really see it?  We go throughout our daily routines, many times out of habit, but do we really live?

Last night I attended a women’s circle.  The discussion was on the female populace and the time of our life when we begin to age and transition into the hormonal insanity also known as menopause and the effects that stress can play.  Stress is stored in our cells and over time it can run the body down.  I really identify with this.  One of the speakers was Dr. Anita Tannis whose quote of the night was “It’s okay to feel your feelings just lose the story.”  What this means is that when we identify a feeling we automatically attach it to an event.

“I’m angry because…..”   “I’m so sad because….”

When we repeat the story over and over I think what happens is the feelings becomes about the story.  Its okay to just say “I’m angry” or “I’m hurt”.  Acknowledge and own the feeling not the event that may have triggered the emotion.   When we tell the story again and again then we relive an event that likely caused a certain amount of angst.

The interesting aspect was the need we seem to have to be given permission to feel a certain way or to behave in various manners.  Now yes, I believe we all need to be respectful and conduct ourselves with relative decency (and I am chuckling on the inside at this one as I visualize myself playing in the rain naked as a Jay bird).  Still, you get my meaning.

It is so easy to get lost in the story and become mired in it.

This morning I went for my run and it was so fresh outside.  A light rain had fallen and there were still a few sprinkles coming down.  Everything is so green and lush now.  The fragrances that greeted me as I ran through Queen’s Park were just fabulous.  I told the trees how beautiful they looked.  There was a slight wind but it cooled the heated flesh.  I was thinking about traditions and sports and how they got started.

The sketch that played out left a smile on my face.  I was thinking of the Highland Games which originated in Scotland.  They seem to like to throw things.  Hammers, iron balls, logs, etc.

In my mind alcohol likely played a role in this.  I see a bunch of burly Scotsmen with gnarly looking beards and rough and tumble attitudes.  These are big brutes who toil laboriously trying to clear land and build empires.  So I see them trying to get the stump of a tree out.  This can be a dubious task even with machinery.  Imagine if you just had your physical strength, nothing more.

They’ve been at it for days and tempers are beginning to run high.  Hammers and pulleys have been implemented and a fellow, we’ll call him Angus, sets himself down and spits at the stump.

“Ya bloody bastard!’ he howls at it then takes a long pull of his whiskey. Standing, he unleashes an epitaph of obscene and colourful  language then takes his hammer and throws it as hard as he can.

The others are sitting with their flasks in hand and another fellow, we will call him Malcolm, lets out a loud and obtrusive belly laugh.

“Ah Angus, you call that throw now do ya?  Ya throw like a girl, man!”

Angus scowls at him. “Malcolm ya thinks ya can toss yer hammer further than that then, do ya?  Your sister’s got more muscle than you do and she better to look at too!”

Malcolm stands now to the challenge.  “Aye!  I can throw me hammer further than you, and by the way, your grandmother is better looking than you ya ugly piece of lambs wool.”

Of course bets were placed and that is, in my mind,  is how the whole thing got started.  We already know that golf was kind of like that.  You had a couple of Scotsmen traversing through the hills with sticks and they were smacking rocks into little crevices.  The challenge was laid down.  “Betcha can’t smack your rock into that little hole there?”  And then they marked their rocks so that they’d know if it went in.

Traditions are a good thing usually.  They bring us back to a point that holds a certain value for us.  This is where we build on an event and add to our memory, expand and experience it in hopefully new and enriching ways.

And so the ritual of being human.  Of waking each day and appreciating all that lays before us.  Of feeling the connection to the life source that surrounds and embodies us.  And the opportunity to start your own tradition…your own challenge.

Have a great day everyone.


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