Bad Experiences…A Funny Story

The drive into the gym this morning was nothing short of spectacular!  A ribbon of fog played down at the bottom of the hill on Canada Way and as I descended into it, I felt like I was entering a magical realm.  Just very briefly I was in this space that was so confined.  Even the tops of the trees were no longer shrouded in the fog’s tendrils.  I wondered if I was perhaps moving through to another dimension.  (Queue the music)

And having this magnificent blue sky with brush strokes of white tossed carelessly across it, I watched as the crows made their way along the cut into the downtown core.  My workout felt good and I even had a steam as well.  I am not going to feel weighted down for long.  I got to thinking how my spirit feels so light and breezy yet the physical self,  particularly in my mid-section, has the sensation of extreme heaviness.  Soon this will be gone.

The mind then wandered into a bit of a void.  I got to work and made my breakfast and opened the office.  Wanna build a building?  Come see me.  Have I got a deal for you!

I read my emails and one of the blogs posts I follow talked of bad teeth.  But then she had the audacity to gloat about her beautiful hair.  Well, my bliss ended then.  A swift reminder that my hair is sadly lacking.  Sonya…how could you?  (Sniff!  Sniff!)

Of course I jest, but if you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you might well have heard me moan and complain about my mop (aka hair).

I then got to thinking about food. I don’t know why.  Perhaps because I was eating my fruit salad.  I was turned off of regular oranges for a while (except for Japanese mandarins at Christmas time).  There had been a stretch several years ago where the oranges were almost as dry as the Sahara inside and sour.  Oye!  Felt like I was sucking on lemons, which would likely have been preferable.

I then thought about Feta cheese.  For a very long time I would not eat it. If it was in a heated meal I didn’t mind it so much but never on a salad.  I had a bad experience with Feta.  My taste buds were new to the world and they happened upon ‘a cheap batch’ of the stuff.  That was that.  I was turned off of it.  Recently though I have given it another chance and I like it.

I could sit here all day telling you of the bad experiences I have had with food.  Now it is all about second chances and trying things again.  Of course, if we have a bad experience with anything we tend to shy away from it.  Somethings warrant staying away from.  Take  skunks for example.

Back when I was taking my accounting program, I delivered newspapers at night for a little extra cash for my daughter and I to get by on.  One evening I ran up to a house that was set back from the curb.  I saw the flash of white and had no time to get out of the way.  I got skunked!  Now their spray can shoot out as much as 25 feet.  I was about 8 feet from the little darling so he got me good.

I covered my car seat with a newspaper and rolled down the windows.  The only way to neutralize the fragrance is with tomato juice.  I walked into the 7-Eleven that morning like Pepe Le Pew.  The poor store clerk wrinkled her nose in disgust as I got a coffee and a big ass can of tomato juice.  When I got home I filled the tub with lukewarm water then poured the contents of the can into the tub.  Ah!  This was followed by a shower.

The point of this is to stay away from skunks.  They don’t want to be bothered so I won’t trouble them.  We have a lot of skunks in the city and I could likely tell you a tale or two more but then I would be straying so far off topic.

I am discussing bad experiences and their effect on us.  Important stuff, yes?  Think about it.  Is it any wonder so many of us have hangups about sex?  Typically we enter into this without having a clue what we’re doing and with no real knowledge of our own body, let alone someone else’s.  When I went to school,  sex ed consisted of a diagram of the penis in the vagina.  We were then informed that’s where babies came from.  They used more of a formal manner in explaining this.  Something like, “Intercourse can be defined when the male inserts his penis into the vaginal opening of the female. When copulation is complete the female may become pregnant.  The gestation period is nine months.”  Romantic, huh?

I know, I know.  Somehow we muddle through, battle scars and all.

I pondered the idea of having kemo, which would leave me bald…and well, I’ll take the mop over that prospect any day. But if I did have to be bald for a while, I would like to be a cone head.  That would be too much fun to walk around like some out-of-this-world being.

Have a fun day people.




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