Good Morning Vancouver!

I took transit in to work this morning.  Last night we moved the majority of my daughter’s personal effects back over to my place.  Today she will be putting her furnishings into storage for a few months.  She has use of the car today to finish up the move.

As I sat on the train moving first along the river through New Westminster, then Burnaby and finally embarking upon Vancouver I was reminded of how I love to watch this city wake up.  I was transported back in time to a morning much like this with blue sky peeking out through cotton ball clouds.  I had just come back to the city after living in Edmonton for three years.

My daughter was a baby and I had found an office job, one of my first.  Thirty years ago as the bus snaked its way along Granville Street at 7:30 AM  I smiled.  “How I’ve missed you!” I whispered to this City of mine.  How many times have I watched the sun rise over her tree filled streets? How many times have I watched the mountains slip from the darkness of night in stoic uniformity to cradle this place?  How many times have I laid on the sand and let the ocean kiss my toes?

Always I have that moment where my breath catches and I feel so blessed to live in this place.

Some may say that Vancouver is an overpriced haven of two-dimensional people.  I admit the cost of living here is exorbitant.  The real estate market is an interesting game and in my mind it does not define the city of my birth. It is simply a market.

You have to get to know the soul of a city and I have over the years come to know this place very well and she has come to know me as well.

I have watched Vancouver be transformed cosmetically.  They took her natural beauty and polished the hell out it.  Yes, she is a gem.  No longer a diamond in the rough but a Cartier.  Keep in mind that beauty is only skin deep.  In order to be truly beautiful there has to be substance and heart.  Vancouver has it in spades.  There is an energy that moves through the lower mainland that I have always felt a connection to.  It is a comfort, at times an antagonist but always rings true to me.

This morning’s commute felt as though I was moving through those ghosts from the past.  The odd sensation of being 25 years old again and feeling like I was seeing Vancouver for the first time again.  I like these moments as I truly feel as though I am seeing my home from a new perspective.  It is her energy and gentle nature that stole my heart so long ago.  It is these mornings when I watch her rise with the dawn from a sensual slumber that I am reminded yet again of that love.

At the moment the clouds have moved in and we may well get some more rain, but we do live in a rainforest after all.  Can’t have the abundance of green spaces and trees that we do without it.

Good Morning Vancouver.  Know that you will always be the keeper of my heart.

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!


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