Guilty Pleasures

So I am going to come clean with a few guilty pleasures today.  I have been preoccupied with my health as of late and quite honestly, I want to take a break from thinking about it.   As stated yesterday I am looking to the lighter side of things.

An interesting tidbit this morning to send out to others in the profession of welding.  A guy had an acetylene tank stored in the back of his vehicle for his work.  He is a welder.  He used his remote to unlock the car and something sparked in the tank and the vehicle went up like a roman candle.  This occurred just two blocks from my work place.  A few people were injured by flying debris but no one was hurt seriously.  I am sure this is an anomaly, however, felt there was a need to share for the purpose of awareness.  Sometimes we just do things on such a regular basis we don’t stop to think of the potential harm is something is not stored properly.

In any case, the above is not a guilty pleasure but ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is.  I don’t know what it is about that show but I have always liked it.  Perhaps it’s the fact that the stars really do have to work their butt off and also you get to see a side of them not ordinarily seen.  And somehow I feel a connection to those who no matter how hard they try, just have no rhythm.

I am one of those who really cannot dance.  I do love to try.  Ask my broom and my mop.  They are frequent partners of mine.

A few years ago I went to a Halloween event at a pub.  My friend’s son was playing his first paid gig and when getting up to dance Marie made the comment of not wanting to ’embarrass’ her son.  Hell no!  That girl has got moves let me tell you!  I was blown away.

When my daughter was young she told me that I looked like a Sea Monkey when I dance.  Do you recall these on the back of cereal boxes?  They turned out just to be brine shrimp….yet another rip off in marketing.  You needed a million box tops it seemed and then got some squiggly pink thing that looked nothing like the animated characters on the box that bounced around at the bottom of a fish bowl.

But there you have it.  My claim to fame…I can dance like a brine shrimp.  Take practice you know.

Another guilty pleasure is that I still like Freddy Fender.  He was a round little fellow from Mexico who made it big in the 1970’s.  Songs such as ‘Before the Last Tear Drop Falls’ and ‘Vaya Con Dias’ topped the charts.  I still have his album and every once in a while I pull it out and give it a spin.

I always wondered too, why The Bee Gees got such a bad rap.  I love their music.  Yet, when the backlash against disco occurred in the early ’80’s admitting that you liked such a group got you exiled and placed permanently on the ‘D’ list.

That’s okay though, because in truth I was never on any list for that matter.  My range in music is huge.  From hard rock to classical and everything in between.  I have never purchased a polka record but I have danced the Chicken dance to a polka.  And in my defense to having done this (more than once) let me just say that the consumption of alcohol sometimes makes me do things I wouldn’t normally do and I was in Alberta at the time.  So there.  Confession is good for the soul, isn’t it?

We all have those little things that delight us that just happen to be a little nerdy or not in vogue I suppose.  Funny thing is, I sometimes don’t know why I find it necessary to ‘hide’ certain likes from the populace.

They are not bad things, not sinister things…okay, doing the chicken dance is a little weird but harmless.  Last night I actually saw a woman dressed as a chicken on ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’  That is something I wouldn’t do.  She described herself as a ‘Hot Chick’.  And this I watched as precursor to the ‘DWTS’ finale.

Ah yes, to be so eloquent and rhythmically inclined that I could dance with effortless grace across the floor.  (Insert dreamy sigh)

So yes, such is the mind these days entertaining such notions.  But alas, I am the woman who dances like a Sea Monkey.

Enjoy you day everyone and thanks again for stopping by.




2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. my dear friend and confident – you do not dance like a sea monkey – you do have grace and a certain confidence on the dance floor – besides is it not our mantra to love like you have never been hurt, to laugh like the world is laughing with you and to dance like nobody is watching! we had fun and will continue to have fun as we grow old and older love ya!


  2. Indeed! I will continue to dance like no one is watching. It was cute little analogy my daughter used at a young age and continued to tease me with through the years. And you know Marie, I may be the only human on this planet who can do the interpretive dance of the sea monkey! 🙂


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