It’s the Thought that Counts?

While at work today I received an electronic flyer from an office supply company that we deal with from time to time.  The banner spanning the online ad announced that Mother’s Day was just around the corner and was offering ‘suggestions’.  Curious and mildly amused as to what an office supply company could offer ‘Mom’ I scrolled down.

The smile was immediate and then I laughed.  What does every Mom need?  According to this company we need daily planners and Post-It notes.  You heard correctly.  I forwarded the ad to my daughter.  She got quite the chuckle out of it as well and I insisted on the neon coloured ones.  I have my standards you know.

I wondered how a mother would respond should they happen to receive such a ‘gift’.

And then I got to thinking about the whole gift thing.  Apparently the most common gift given to good ole Mom are flowers.  Still, at times I think about the holidays we have created and their commercial importance these days.  And do you feel more loved when you receive a gift of evident value?

I know that I am making light of the offerings by the office supply store as they are simply trying to get in on the marketing bonanza that has become Mother’s Day.

Why is it that we feel the need to purchase gifts that seemingly become more extravagant as the years go by?  I heard a commercial on the radio on the drive in and it went something like this.

“We will make it easier than ever for you to purchase the car your Mom has always dreamed of.  Give her what she has always wanted…(financing available, easy credit approval)”

So do I want Post-It Notes or a car?  Hmmmm…..

The greatest gift for me is having my daughter’s love and respect.  Being able to enjoy her company and call her ‘friend’.  This has been the reward for me personally.

So what are some of my most secretly desired ‘wants’ from the material world?

We did an exercise at a workshop I attended last year.  The idea was to write down in detail for five minutes how we would look and what we would be doing and where we would be doing it if we were completely happy and content.  We were encouraged to even state our fashion style.

Now I am no fashionista, believe me, but in order to be in complete bliss I would be described as ‘Chic Bohemian’.  I will let you conjure what ever image these words inspire as it is often more fun that way.

I would be financial independent and able to make a sustainable living from writing full-time…(note I did not say rich….I am not about excess)

I would live is a condo (as I do now) close to the water (ocean preferably), though currently I live by the Fraser River which I am enjoying.

I would be healthy and active….(I am getting there)

I would be filled with love….(I am definitely there)

I would want to be part of the solutions in this world…(working on it)….there are many issues in this world that need to be addressed and how we find preventative measures.

I would want to be having a lot of sex…(working on this)…(insert sultry laugh and wicked smile).

I would want to travel a couple of times a year and get to know more people on this blue marble of ours…(working on this  too)

Now this list to date really has nothing of a material nature to it.  And it likely won’t as I don’t dream about owning a sports car or having a house on every continent.  I have never been one for jewelry and while diamonds might be best friends for some women, I definitely have more of an infinity toward the common rock…(little stones grace my window sill)

Oh I like cosmetics…to a point.  I love lotions and perfumes.  I love going for a massage or slipping into a sauna for a steam.  And I love getting a mani-pedi done.  These are things that I do to take care of myself though.  I don’t do them all the time as it can get expensive and I am not ‘financially independent’ at this point.

When I do go shopping I love to find a bargain.

Let me wander through the Art Gallery on a Saturday afternoon then curl up on a patio with pen, paper and a beer and I am one happy girl.

I enjoy live theatre and concerts immensely.  The creative process is a huge stimulant to me.

So I guess if you were going to buy me something….tickets to shows would be good, perfume, gift cards….

And you know that is typically what I tell people when they do ask what I want.

UPDATE:  My legs have recovered quite nicely from the 1/2 marathon on Sunday.  I ran on Tuesday evening, though I went with the walk / runs as the injured leg was still a little tight.  Here we are on Thursday morning and my legs are both feeling quite normal.  So I will go for a 5km run tomorrow morning then get back to my regular exercise routine next week.

Oh, and I read my time incorrectly on the results page for the 1/2 marathon.  I came in at 2:56:48!  Yay!

And to all the mom’s out there.  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!



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