Well two days have past since the 1/2 marathon and my legs, particularly the one with the injury, are still quite stiff.  This is to be expected.  Still, you gotta keep moving.  If I don’t do anything then the muscles will seize up.  I was going to hit the gym this morning and just do some light cardio but I will be meeting with my run group tonight so I figured I would give the gym another day or two.  I want to get up on the stationery bike and just pedal nice and slow with no resistance, keep the muscles loose, you know?

The Massage Warming Oil by Sportique that I purchased is fabulous.  I got out of the shower this morning and applied it to both legs and instantly felt better.  It is basically just my calf muscles that are still feeling quite tight.

I may just do the walk/run pace group tonight as we are doing drills.  I will see how I feel.  Once I get moving the muscles loosen up…I just don’t want to overdo it.

In any case, I am easing the body back into normalcy.  Now the focus will be on administering to a few other health issues and launching the book.

The only other race I want to do this year is the Coho which takes place in September and is a 14 KM run.  I realized as well after two weeks of not going out on my Friday morning run how much I have missed it.  So getting back to a regular work out schedule will do me good.

No more neurosis over what to eat or not to eat, no more strange psychological conundrums coming out of left field to contend with…at least not for awhile.  I won’t have to second guess every little thing I am doing….or not doing…and I can have a beer dammit and not feel guilty as original sin.

Ah, yes!  I am in recovery.

Now time to focus on upcoming events.  Thanks for following me on my ‘In Training’ series.  Certainly had many unexpected benefits.  I will know shortly which direction I will be taking my rambling in on this forum.  For now I am just relishing completion.  One more step toward where ever it is I am going.  I guess too, that’s the beauty of this.  I start off with a particular destination in mind then find myself venturing down paths unknown.

It has been liberating to say the least.  I will continue to run…continue to love….continue to live.

Thanks to all of you.




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