In Training (Day 111)….The Countdown Begins

We had a high pressure system move in over night so it has been a very windy morning thus far.  I was driving in and watching the last of yesterday’s clouds being chased to the four corners by said wind.  In their wake a beautiful, vibrant blue sky is now overhead.

Because of the wind I saw some pink snow as well.  As I have mentioned, springtime in Vancouver sees an explosion of cherry blossoms on our tree-lined streets.

When a good wind comes along such as today, you will come upon certain areas where it is literally snowing pink blossoms.  It is just beautifully.  I love watching the way the blossoms dance in the wind.

Once airborne they fall to the ground, only to be scooped up in small funnels to dance along the ground like little faeries.

I had my final long run on the weekend.  I felt strong.  We did a 10 km route and I stayed with my pace group throughout. The legs felt strong and I was elated at the end that I had gone the entire 10 km without stopping.  Okay, that is not entirely true.  There are stairs leading up to the Burrard St. bridge deck and I did walk up those.  For the rest of it though, I ran.

I have my plan for the week exercise and diet wise.  Lara encouraged us to find our mantra that we will use at those moments during the race when we feel we can’t go on.  I plan to do a meditation Saturday evening before I go to bed.

She also has encouraged us to visualize ourselves finishing the race and wants us to do this every evening up to race day.

We received a three page preparation schedule from Lara.  I love how it started.

“Running is tough…it’s not supposed to be easy…”

And you know perhaps I see this almost as metaphor.  Life is very much like running at times.  It can be tough but when you find those moments where you are in the zone…it’s magic.  Maybe that’s what we all strive for, seek out, hunger for.  I don’t know.  I think that’s what I look for in this.

During every run, I will often have a point where I want to stop.  And I always push past this.  Even if I walk it out for 30 seconds or so…I get back to it.  And by the end of the run I feel a euphoria.

My life has been parallel to this analogy in many ways.  There have been those moments when I have wondered why I worked as hard as I did. Many times it seemed I was getting nowhere fast.  In the end, however,  I always met the challenge and pushed through.

Every hard-fought victory has been worth it.  And maybe that’s the big secret to this life.  To go through all the hurtful and painful moments in your life but to retain your humanity.  To maintain your humour and humility.  To be able to forgive and love in an even greater capacity than before.

And when I run it brings all of this into focus.

Our pace leader for our last long run of the clinic was Ceddy.  His goal in life is to run 50 marathons and he won’t tell anyone how many he has done thus far.  He is an inspiration for sure.  He told us in effect that the hard work was done.  The race is simply a marker of what we have already achieved.

He’s right.

I have once again discovered aspects of self that were pleasurably unexpected.  The countdown begins.

On the drive home after the run I found the emotions washing over me and the tears slipped down my cheeks.  These were not sad tears.  They were tears of appreciation, tears of acceptance and tears of gratitude.

Now what I am anticipating is what paths will open to me upon finishing this race.  I am decidedly excited now and I am ready.

Enjoy your Monday everyone.



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