In Training (Day 105)…Some Kind of Madness

Is it just me or does it seem this world of our has suddenly gone a little crazy.  There is an understandable anger regarding the events that occurred at the marathon, but my lord, now there just seems to be this onslaught of tragic events.

Then I see postings about all the death that is occurring everywhere else in the world and yet we are seemingly all focused only on the Boston incident.

I just shook my head.  I am aware of issues worldwide. War fare is occurring.  Innocent people are dying.  I get it.  This is very tough time in our history and there is a lot of dissension and violent behaviour being released.  A lot of fear mongering is taking place as well.  Paranoia is settling in and everybody is getting freaked out wondering it they are going to be targeted next.

I just can’t be in that mindset.  I know from past experience that letting fear direct how I live my life is a very hollow and lonely place.

The latest thing that I saw posted was the newest conspiracy theories that somehow the government was behind this in order to distract the American people and pass several inappropriate bills that were ‘unpopular’?

It’s enough to make your head spin.

I am Canadian by the way. We have a provincial election coming up in a few weeks and in truth it feels as if the candidates have simply dusted off previous campaign promises and are presenting them yet again and making additional hollow commitments.

Every campaign these days sees the majority of politicians on both sides of the border jumping up on their soap box and spouting off about jobs, education and health care.  Oh yes, they mention tax reduction, however, I haven’t really seen that occur lately.

Still we have choices to make and we need to take a more active interest in how our respective countries are run.  How can each of us affect change?  Just a little?

I am not going to really get into this topic full on.  What I will do is put together an ‘idea’ sheet of mine and post it.  Perhaps people can add their ideas as well.  Collectively I believe we can find a solution to the issues that face us today.

As I was getting ready for bed last night the big shoot out at MIT was being flashed over the TV.  And you know, I just felt sad.

What is it in our make-up that causes us to not see the human face first?  Instead so many see the person’s ‘race’.  That becomes the dividing factor.  Or at least it appears that way to me.  And each and every ‘race’ on this planet has committed atrocities in some form or another at some point in history.  Yet oddly enough we don’t seem to learn from this erroneous behaviour.  If someone has a hate on for another culture, they become blind to who the individual people are and see only where they are from and what they are perceived to represent.

I hope when all of this is said and done and justice as been meeted out that we can remember those that left too early.  Let’s remember their smiles and also, let’s remember those who participated in this event.  Desisa and Jeptoo each excelled in this event and yet, they have become shadows when this was their time to shine.

Even though it is likely to happen, I don’t want to see the ‘in-depth’ analysis of the individuals who committed these acts.  It will never make sense.  There will never be a reason to answer what so many of us asked, which is ‘why’ this happened.  People make choices everyday.  Some of those choices have an incredibly deep impact such as this did.

Can’t we resolve to be kinder to each other?  Can’t we please try to stop this madness?

This morning’s run was great.  It was a wet day out there, but that’s okay.  I felt cleansed by the end of it.  And I will continue on believing in the good of people because I know it’s there.  I see it everyday.  It is always around me because I choose to see it. I saw it in spades during the crisis at the marathon.  Those that gave so freely, without thought.

That is what I want to emulate as a fellow human.  That beautiful spirit we all possess.  We just have to make the choice to put it out there.

Walk in peace my friends.

Blessing to you all.


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