In Training (Day 104)….Some Assembly Required

A firestorm has been ignited within burning hotter than before.  A new resolve.  Solidarity and a promise now made to a little boy I never met.

His sign read “No More Violence….Peace“.

And I for one, will do what I can to honour his wish.

I have been back in the gym.  I am rebuilding once more.  Driven by my the spirit, the body is regaining its form and strength.  Every nerve ending is connecting to every neuron with a pulse that now radiates resolve.

I wanted to be in a state of optimum health when I ran the 1/2 marathon.  This idea derailed and went in a totally different direction as will happen in this thing we call life.  I can say with all honesty the journey has been incredible.  Again, as I challenge self on a new level, I learn and experience things that had never even been a forethought previously.

This morning I was thinking of our energy fields that we all have. Seven layers encompass the physical body. Should you have a physical ailment it is likely that your spirit and energy have a blockage as well and this could well be why the physical body is experiencing the pain that it is.  I have met a few medical intuitive s and attended workshops they’ve offered.  Going into this ideology was originally rather foreign to me, but as I listened, read and internalized what was being offered an understanding began to grow.  Conceptually it just made sense.

This morning as I contemplated my ‘optimum health’ goal I thought of the health issues that have come up in the last few years.  First was my heart. A blockage that I didn’t know existed.  This was corrected and with that a resolve was born.  This blog came into being and my writing quite simply exploded.  A year later and the heart was given the okay.  It is fine…it is strong.  The second thing of course, more recently has been my reproductive system…the very thing that makes me a woman.

I got to thinking about these areas and how they related to my energy body, my spiritual body.

The first line in my book is  ‘I was born broken...’

From there I offer the reader some insight as to why I saw myself as such.  My heart has been broken more times than I care to remember.  It was first broken by my father.  So is it any wonder then that the physical heart had issues?  I begin to see the correlation.

For the majority of my life I denied my sexuality.  I locked it away refusing to acknowledge that side of self.  It too was broken. In that last few years I have opened self to this side of self  once more and have allowed the healing measures of love come back in my life.  Could it be this is why this part of my physical body also had an ailment?

I have been putting all the pieces of self back together again over the past three years.  Letting them integrate and flood back into the heart centre.  Sometimes the human condition really amazes me.

I was talking with a woman at the gym this morning who has been feeling quite a bit of negative energy this week.  “So much death these days, the Boston Marathon, this thing down in Texas and last weekend a friend of mine committed suicide.”

She was somber in this statement.  “He was successful, handsome and had a great girlfriend….”

I asked if there had been tell tale signs, any depression?

She shook her head.  No one saw this coming.  And I really hurt for her loss.  I thought about the Richards family and the devastation that has been done, of the Campbell family and their loss.  It was an interesting observation that moved through me, though very sad.

I know what it’s like to be locked into a darkness that seemingly has no end, no hope, no light.  Did I talk to people about this?  No.  I didn’t know how.  And the weight of such darkness can be incredibly oppressive, crushing.

I would encourage anyone feeling this way to please talk about what it is you are feeling.  Don’t keep it bottled up.  When you release the pain and hurt then you will leave room for the healing to move in.

For those who are gone too soon I simply want to honour their light, their joy.

We only have this moment.  Make it matter.


2 thoughts on “In Training (Day 104)….Some Assembly Required

  1. your words are so true Nancy – we only have this moment right now – so give it the positive energy and light that it deserves – there is no good reason to inflict pain on another human – we are all on this planet together and it is time we learned to share a little kindness


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